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Help wanted Tweed Coast / Gold Coast area

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by NSSherlock, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Am recovering from a broken knee (and other complications) and I need to get ye olde ZR550 registered. It needs to go to an Unregistered Inspection Station. I'm just not quite up to riding it there yet and want to "ease" back onto it a bit riding locally for a while. Circumstances are such that it's best to get the rego over with soon.

    So, if someone wants to earn a bit of extra cash here is what is involved:
    1. Ride (or drive) down or up as the case may be to Hastings Point (about 20 mins south of the border).
    2. Ride the bike up to inspection station. I follow up with all the paperwork and get the bike inspected. Hang around until inspection done and ride it back. Closest UVIS is probably Chinderah which is about 15 km away.
    3. Stop at Servo out front on way and check air pressures and top up fuel.

    Bike should be fine to ride. It's had a lot of work done. Rear brake pads and disc is new so it might need a bit of bedding-in on the way. It's out of (Qld) rego but is ok to ride to get inspected. I'd need to check your license first. Bike is LAMS approved and I won't have any objection to passing some cash onto someone on their P's. Condition: don't stack it!

    This would need to be done mid-week and I'd need to book for the inspection ahead.

    I was going to get my mobile mechanic to do this but he is mega busy.

    So, if anyone wants a bit of extra cash let me know.
  2. I'm about 2 or 3 hours from you, but if you can't find anyone closer I'd be happy enough to help out... plus I will enjoy the ride down. Half my fuel costs and a decent cuppa is plenty of payment for me.

    I'm super careful on any bike and have held an open licence with no demerits for 34 years so far... oh, and not afraid of rain.
  3. Thanks Oldie. You could be a saviour.
    That's a fair haul though so we'll see if I get closer nibbles. You'll need, at least, full fuel plus lunch and coffee and bug removal, bike cleaning and cage and highway stress relief costs.
  4. The mid-week bit is hard for me. You're living down here but getting Qld rego?
    I could do it for you on Qld Labour day holiday if getting a pink slip in NSW, or if you were able to get in tomorrow afternoon at a squeeze if the inspection isn't far away, or Friday 11th May is my next weekday off that I'll be around.
  5. It'll be NSW rego.
    Tomorrow would be out since I have docs, blood test then physio.
    I was thinking during the week so one of these AUVIS stations would be open but didn't think of a Sat morning.
    How about a Saturday morning?
    The one at Chinderah is open of a Sat morning but I'll call to see if they'll do the unregistered check on a Sat morning.
  6. If you can get a time for Chindera this Saturday morning I'll take it for you, but I can't do the following Saturday (28th).
  7. Thanks. I'll give them a call tomorrow and see. I'll PM the result and info.
  8. Sent a PM.
    The closest I could get that is open Sat morning is Sth Tweed Heads.