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Help wanted for front & rear brakes CB400

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by justin_es, Jul 6, 2014.

  1. Good day peoples.

    The pads are due on my CB400 and was wondering if anyone in my local wouldn't mind helping me out?
    Penrith, NSW

    I know they generally don't take long to do and are not that hard if you know what to do but being the only safety feature on the bike I'm lacking a little confidence.
    Helping and seeing it done for the first time will leave me a lot more confident to do it myself next time.
    Not to mention not even sure if I have the right tools.

    The only reason I'm opting to do it myself is to save some $$$ as budget is tight.

    After the fitment ill send it into my trusty local workshop for a quick inspection and a fluid moisture check and fluid change if needed to keep him in the loop and happy :)

    I can come to you and happy to throw a little something your way just name it :)

    Cheers guys.
  2. If your gunna change pads, you may as well change the brake fluid whilst your at it. The fluid change would be easier than the pads.
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  3. Come up to terrigal, I'll help u
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  4. Spanner Day at Terrigal? Im in!
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  5. Funny. That's where I bought it from. Haha.
    I'm keen to organise something
  6. I could give you a hand down in Wollongong
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  7. Get the pads and for $15 odd bucks its probably worth buying a one man brake bleeding hose kit for future use and some fluid.
  8. Going on a cruise on the 19th via wollongong If you wanna jump in.
    Dont think the boys will wait for me to do brakes though haha.

    I appreciate the offers. Ill get myself sorted and chat with you guys about it.
  9. There is always youtube to the rescue! It was better than the service manual I have for my bike
  10. Would you mind linking one of these bkeeding kits your talking about. Looked them up. Some of them look real cheap and dodgy.
  11. bikes are not that large, pretty easy to open and close bleed nipple with one hand, and operate the brake lever with other hand/foot
    clear tube into clear bottle is usually good enough?

    thanks for offer, but I'm limited to 90k's for a while unfortunately ;)
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  12. Hey peeps.
    I really appreciate the offers. Truly do. Great to see people willing to help fellow riders out.
    I have had the brakes done locally because I was silly enough to let them get too low and it was a matter of do them now or don't ride the bike till I do without risk of screwing the discs and or NOT stopping when I really need to.

    Thanks again everyone.