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Help! Vmoto Milan Information

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Shelley_shell, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. Hi, I am new to scooters and am considering getting one for my birthday. I live 5-10mins outside of the city and am looking for a retro classic scooter on a budget.

    I've looked at a few, but to be honest I do like the look of the Milan JX50cc. I have test driven it and it seems fun and zippy. Apparently you can even change the casing to different colours at an economical price.

    I would like to know the pros and cons of the bike.

    So, if anyone can help that would be great, as I have heard some horror stories, but I've also heard that companies such as Coopers (beer), Coles, Myers etc have commissioned them (and bought them) and had no complaints.

  2. biggest problem i had with v moto was customer service

    4 months waiting for a scooter and not 1 reply from vmoto to the 6 emails and numerous phone calls (even the dealer wouldnt get a return call)

    so we cancelled the order and what do you know.... a call was returned from v moto asking us why :shock:

    the wife ended up going and getting a bolwell blue devil, they more than likely come from the same chinese factory but customer service was the winner.....
  3. If you told us which city you are 5-10 minutes out of, that may narrow it down...
  4. Hi Crash Tester, thanks for that. Good to know.

    Hey Ezyryder - it's Adelaide - not a big scooter town at the moment, but I hope they will catch on.
  5. Uh-huh, cheers and welcome (pop in it yr profile that appears on the left of yr posts), scooters are catching on most everywhere, hope Adelaide will follow suit soon :grin:
  6. Hi all, so does anyone have any additional pros or cons???? :?:
  7. i had a vmoto monza, had no real dramas fun to ride, and not bad on petty!

    when my scoot was in for a mager service, i had the milan for a few days,

    found it to be zippier than teh monza,

    tho the bracking does lack in the milan due to the drum breaks. the monza has disks, if in a fall teh milan will cost more to fix due to the retro styling

    i found hte milan to be alot less steady and felt alot less safe than teh monza,

    the front 'shield" does catch wind from the side, and coudl cause issues in high cross winds. over all tho i enjoyed riding it but was very glad to get my monza back. the monza out performs it by so much!!!

    milan accelerates alitte faster, but has less top end. my monza did 70 where as the milan woudl be pushing to get to 60

    test ride a few.

    adn go see Michael at Vmoto on richmond Rd. tell him Craig who had the red monza sent u down, he may erember me. as i lived round the corner and bought my jacket helmet chain monza gloves... and recommedned him to many ofther friends interested.

    or pm me and i might be able to come down one day with u. do a freindly introduction etc.

    good luck!
  8. Be sure to pop over to the Scooter Addict forum and talk to other South Aussies (especially milangirl - who rides a milan strangley enough).

    As for my personal opinion - they are cheap scooters and though they look good don't have the features of other scooters in the same price range. However you may well be happy with it. I think the new ones now come with a fuel gauge, so they are slowly improving things.
  9. They are a cheaper model scooter - but they do appeal to me (on the budget I'm on).

    The one I looked at has the fuel guage, battery gauge and speedo.

    Apparently "Milangirl" is the chick to talk to, so I'm going to give her a hoy to see the probs she's had (if any).

    I suppose everyone wants and needs different things from their scooter.
    Thanks for your feedback, it's really appreciated!!
  10. Hey "DelusionL",

    Thanks for the offer DelusionL.
    Yeah I went to the Vmoto store on Richmond Road - dealt with the father (very nice man and very helpful).

    He showed us around, gave us lots of info and let me take it for a spin - it was an older model but still good fun.

    I spose I worry about the plastic - but it is kinda cool that you can mix and match (customise) the paint work for around $200-$250 - and not to sound morbid, but if a truck hit me it probably wouldn't matter if it was plastic, metal, rubber etc...

    I also heard about that guy's "horror story" and worry if it is a rare occurrence or not.

    I did notice that Adelaide have 3 Vmoto stores, which is good.

    Cheers! :grin:
  11. that would be Michael, a good bloke from my experiences.

    and shelly, just call me Del, everyone else does ;)

    sounds liek he gave u some good info.

    vmotos sell very well here.

    good luck! and yell out when u get it... come to a wednesday coffee night with a few of us more social adelaide members ;)

    they even let scooter riders attend!

    me and my vmoto ...

    Jeff and his.. wat ever he got.. i cant remeber!

    but i soon upgraded... hahah

    see ya on the streets!
  12. Hey Del,

    Thanks for that!

    Someone has now recommended the Zoot Ladybird Scooter


    Man, it is SO hard to pick one - I like them all!!

    But I am really looking forward to zipping around on one. The one thing I have noticed with Adelaide, is that scooters are few and far between. I would have thought it would have been more popular here in SA.

    It tends to make me worry about cars and their lack of awareness
  13. I think the main scooter dealers do a reasonable trade here. I see a few scooters about when I go into Adelaide, especially in the CBD/inner suburbs.
  14. i checked out a " in good running condition" scooter bought from Ebay today.. $1300!!!

    thank god i went there to help my freind pick it up..

    flat battery, tho it started first kick,

    front tyre was scalloped out.. turns out it was dead flat.. SO WAS THE BACK!

    rear brake lever detached from the return spring, and even at full adjustment lever did nothing to the rear drum.

    ruff idle that hunted back and forth from full revs to stall and full revs again!

    when ridden by the owner top demonstrate it was ok, it was surging back and forth in the revs..

    no rego PAPERS so coudlnt be transferred, was outta date sticker aswell.

    tho it was a finsihed bid at 1300.. i offered him FAR LESS for a walk away project as there was no way it was rideable!@

    make sur eu buy a good one shelly!
  15. If you must have a Vmoto, I'd recommend GC Motorcycles at Melrose Park. Richard (the guy who runs the show) seems like a good bloke, and has been very helpful every time the Spacy has needed tyres and various other bits and pieces.

    He always tries to sell me a Vmoto Monaco 125 whenever I go there, but I guess he's expecting me to ditch my Spacy at any moment given its age/condition ... so I don't blame him for trying. ;)

    That said, a better 50cc 'retro' style scoot option would be the Bolwell Retro. A mate of mine has one and it's so far ahead of the Milan in terms of build quality it's not funny. More expensive, but you get what you pay for.
  16. Michael has now left, so im unsure who u saw at richmond, maybe Ed?

    sticks(wayne) is out the back most days doing the service work etc.

    good luck!
  17. SA Scooter Club members gets a bit of discount with GC Motorcycles. $20 to join, but you get that back plus more when you buy your scooter.

    Anyway Milan Girl and her husband both have Milan and seem to have great fun with them. She even put a big custom union jack sticker on hers, looks great.

    Mio and Retro are both good too as they are similar to Milan in style.

    You get what you pay for, so if your budget is only a Milan and can't stretch more, then that's what you can get.

    Head over to Scooter Addict, that's where the members of SA Scooter Club hangs out. It's an Adelaide based club and forum.

    We have rides every Friday and Sunday.

  18. Hi Anthony,

    Yeah trying to join up with the Scooter Addict forum to talk to fellow scooter riders and the wannabes (which is me) :grin:
    I've registered, but I haven't been given access yet. I hope to get onto the forum soon.

    Yeah, I wanted to chat with Milangirl - somebody else said she was the Vmoto Milan Queen.

    Who does everyone use in Adelaide for scooter insurance?

  19. I ended up getting the Zoot Ladybug/Classic in black.

    Actually it's a gift from my folks to me for my 30th birthday.

    So pick up is next week some time (so I get it before my birthday! YAYAYA :grin:)

    In the end it really came down to me picking a decent entry level scooter. Because of budget and i won't be travelling far (seeing as I'm about 4min out of the city).

    The zoot whilst lacking in the colour range department - appeared a little more sturdy to me and it has an alarm and remote start. Plus it is a 4 stroke, which is what my dad wanted me to get.

    Basically the alarm and remote start really sucked me in. I'm a gadget girl, what can i say :)

    So know i just have to arrange insurance and see if there is a scooter course for beginners in Adelaide.