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Help , virus .

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by midnight, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. Did my weekly virus scan and guess what , yep , i had 4 . 3 i was able to delete , or quarantine and get rid of but 1 wont . It wont delete and it wont quarantine it untill i clean it , but it wont clean it either . How can i get ride of it .

  2. It depends what virus it is. Usually if the virus checker cant get rid of it, there should be a fix downloadable from your virus checkers website of which you follow instructions to get rid of it. Micro$oft also releases patches that appear in windows update for some of the more lethal ones too.

    Also if you have Vet antivirus then that is your problem. Get some decent software like Norton. I got sick of vet missing virus' n crap at work, its a pain in the ass having to isolate every computer induvidually, installing patches n following instructions to get rid of em...
  3. I run McAfee if that helps .
  4. go to www.ianag.com (iamnotageek.com) they have a huge forum and article list of all the Virii, and how to remove. Or go to any of the major antivirus sites, they'll often give details on how to remove.

    I'm checking for updates to the antivirus program every night, and run daily scans these days. I also run "spybot search and destroy"

    I've been virii/malware free for months now, even with broadband and being connected 24/7

    Out of interest, what is the virus called?

  5. Identify

    You need to identify what it is, mon ami
    Assuming you are using Norton (all praise to the omniscient Peter), the scan should identify the name of the virus. Even if you're not using Norton, your A/V software should still identify the virus.
    If you are using Norton go to; http://www.symantec.com.au/region/au_nz/downloads/ and navigate your way to the appropriate virus removal tool/tutorial/both.
    If you are not using Norton, your A/V software should have a web-site with the similar capability.
    You will probably need to be in SAFE mode to do the clean, but most help-files will show you how to do that.
    If you're not using Norton, you should be! It used be very expensive, but is not now, and despite the occasional horror story you hear, it is the industry standard for home PC/SOHO virus protection.
    You probably should also download Ad-Aware and :) SpyBot and run them both, then configure them to run in the background, especially if you are on broadband and logged in all the time, (and especially if you have a fixed IP address connection) Both these programmes are entirely free, have no ads or spyware of their own (that's what they are designed to stop) and will afford you ample protection from the nasties out there.
  6. Kaos.. Vet was actually a good program until Computer Associates bought them out. Now they're one of the worse around. Just like most things that CA buy out or produce.

    If you like your pooter, you gotta fork out for a decent AV program.

  7. Additional information

    I should add that a couple of the recent virus have particularly targetted Norton A/V and disable or partially cripple the programme as part of their infection. The Symantec Web-Site deals with these issues too.
  8. Its a trojan by the name of , exploit-byteverify. I have adware and spybot but i normally only do them once a week to but i'll change that now.
  9. Re: Identify

    They have a great licensing scheme, if youir work uses it under a corporate licence, then you get to use it at home for free!!! :LOL:

    guess who's work uses Notron's (Symantec) AV 8)

    Well, I hope I still have a job in a place that uses Norton's :?

  10. OOOO that is a nasty one :cry:

    I thoroughly recomend going to www.ianag.com, sign up for the forums (free) and do a search. Also download "Hijack This" (also called HJT) from the site. HJT will do a scan of your system and make a log file, youi paste the log file into their webpage, and it comes back and tells you all the problems, even highlights the issue as a link that take you to the fix.

    CAREFULLY READ and even more CAREFULLY FOLLOW the instructions to get rid it, if you miss a step, it'll return before you finish. Like Hornet says, you'll need to be in safe mode at times to do the fix.

  11. Thanks heaps guys :D finally was able to delete it .
  12. My sys was attacked yesterday with ADWARE. It is NOT AD_Aware.

    I am using Avast (Free for home users) and it found it and removed it quite well.

    Norton is very good as well. Another that I have found quite good is the free ver7 AVG.

    The comments about CA are quite right. Not only are they the masters of stuff up, but I had used their earlier versions and could not get rid of it. It was attaching itself to every Word file. CA actually said to me that they had no idea what to do with it and I should format my HD. PPPHHHT to that idea.

    Finally I upgraded to Office 2003 and it let go.


  13. And STOP visiting those porno sites mate :shock: :LOL: :p :p this will solve all your porblems :LOL:

    Cheers 8)
  14. Or run an os thats not so easily messed with :)
  15. Free offers

    99.9% of FREE offers on the 'Net are only free because they are supported by spyware companies. Do you REALLY need to know how accurate your clock is (atomic clock offers) or 55 different desktop pics a day (webshots) or 1,000 new smileys for your email (everybody, dammit)??

    If you haven't bought it by download and proper registration, or across the counter at a store, treat it with the utmost of suspicion. Remember the old truism; if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

    Glad you were able to eradicate this one.

    NOW, you have, of course, all your data backed up to a safe location, and also to a removable medium, haven't you, hmmmm??

    And you have your INBOX and all sub-folders backed up likewise, don't you???

    WELL GO AND DO IT, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! :roll:
  16. hornet wrote

    uuuummmmm :roll: :roll: i have now .

  17. Its not me mate , im getting married remember . I believe it to be Rhonda :roll: :roll: . I'll have a stern word to her when she gets home.
  18. Oh helina.....

    are you, by some chance, a MAC person, or a LINUX person?
    I'm not going to start an OS war, because I enjoy the freedom we have to choose in this matter as with others, but I think you'd agree that if either of these platforms got big enough to warrant the attention of the "nasty" community, they too would be relentlessly attacked on the same basis as is the Wintel community. Since both these platforms will probably stay relatively small, I suspect that you may be safe for a while, and perhaps even a long while (although what havoc a virus could cause in an open-ended Open Source operating environment is too terrible to contemplate, shudder!)
    On a seriously humorous note, check out the hilarious song "Every OS Sucks", by Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie! http://www.deadtroll.com/index2.html?/video/ossuckscable.html~content
  19. Where's the connecttion.....

    ...... between visting porno sites and getting married? Who said they were mutually exclusive???
    (Just kidding)!
  20. Re: Oh helina.....

    I disagree. The fact that linux IS open source means that potential security
    flaws can be found and fixed quicker. I'll give you my IP address and a user
    login and let you TRY and infest my computer if you like.