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Help trying to find forward controls for my bike

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by wizzard, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Hi all long time lurker first time poster,

    I've got an '82 XV 750 Yami and I'm wanting to find some resonably priced forward controls any help with this would be greatly appreciated as all I can find in expensive HD versions & I don't want to spend that on this bike.... maybe when I get the HDnew year.

    any help appreciated in advance.


  2. Gonna cost a good part of your bike's value regardless of what you buy. Customising bikes is like real estate - don't overcapitalise on what someone else may or may not like.

    If you are getting a HD in six months, then, save up the cash to do that one up.
  3. good point, but would spend 300 bucks for them just for the cruise enjoyment now, already have buyer for the bike when I move on as she is a good looking girl with my mods already ( and I got her for a good price) may just have to get crashbar + highway pegs for cruise
  4. call a few motorcycle wreckers in your area, when i owned the XS250 i managed to buy the complete set of forward controls from an XVS including the brake cable, brake switch and gear linkages from show and go motorcycles here in Adelaide for $100
  5. thanks I'll try some here in sydney, any good wreakers I should check out that can reccomended
  6. MCAS in Liverpool has a huge stock of bits for customising HDs, I'm sure some of the less-specific bits would fit your Yamaha......

    And welcome to the forum, too.
  7. thanks hornet 600, I've seen them @ MCA parramatta but they are pretty x'y just want maybe a used set so will try to hunt @ wreakers.

    thanks for the welcome too,

    anyone know any wreakers