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Help: Track Days Melbourne

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by RS250GP, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Im just wanting to start riding on the track does anyone know what would be a good starting point. What are the regulations with licensing etc? Any helpful information would be great.

  2. Awesome, thanks for that! :grin:
  3. Winton has practice days every Friday that there's no events scheduled (most).

    You get at least 6x20 minute sessions throughout the day. The sessions alternate between bikes, cars and open wheelers.

    From memory, the first day is about $150 (including a 'license' thats valid for 12 months). With this license it's about $100 each time.

    You need full leathers, boots, gloves etc, and a bike that will hold together.
  4. To do a trackday, you need just the basic stuff.
    Road worthy tyres
    Brakes that work
    Throttles that return
    and your bike in good working order (no fluid leaks)

    For gear,
    One piece leather would be best but most tracks allow a two piece suit zipped together.
    You also need boots, gloves, and a helmet.
    A backprotector is optional but recommended.

    You need a license. Either P, Full road or race license is ok.

    I'd recommend you go on an organized day first time out so you can get a bit of a guided day until you become familiar with the track and it's surroundings.
    You don't want to be worrying about where the toilets are or where to enter/exit the track or when you can go on the track when you have so much else to take in.

    If you can, get a mate to help. One with previous experience would be best. But if in doubt, ask.
    Welcome to the family =D
  5. Some incorrect info posted here.

    1. You do NOT need a roadworthy bike, you need a trackworthy one. BIG DIFFERENCE.

    2. You do NOT need roadworthy tyres, once again, trackworthy. BIG DIFFERENCE.

    3. All Australian tracks allow 2 piece leathers, Phillip Island is the only one that you must wear full leathers at. (no textiles)
  6. Asto, before you start replying to posts in caps, you might want to check your facts.

    From Champions Ride Days web site.

    Whilst there are other track day operators, PI Ride Days and Champions are fairly representative of the class.
  7. Are you implying that some tracks DO allow textiles?!
  8. So asto, which tracks allow you to ride without leathers?
  9. The Spur?
  10. :LOL: Kew Blvd!
  11. You can go couple of differnt ways.Australian super bike school run track days at the island every week just about or you can buy a honda and join honda riders club and do days with them.excelent fun
  12. Im just wanting to start riding on the track

    Have a look at www.prestonmcc.com.au Great racing club and they run some race school days. You might like to come up to Broadford this Sat Jul 14th and see how it is all done.
  13. What's the rationale behind having no mirrors? Is it to avoid distraction?
  14. Yup. Look ahead, not back. Those wanting to get past, will.