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HELP!!!! The longest basic maintenance ever.. (

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Grunge, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. I've been working on the damn bike since 10am, and now I just want to DESTROY it.

    Was going thru chain cleaning and decided to clean the air filter when.


    AND I CAN'T GET IT THE !@#%^#$@@$$ OUT!!

    I've been doing this since abotu 11.30am!!!

    I even dropped another screw in there so I can see where it would go.


    Now I have to drop the engine to be able to get it out?!?!



    I need help but i'm so frustrated.
  2. Go to your local car accessory place and buy one of those long flexible tools with a magnet on the end, insert it down the place into which the offending parts disappeared, give it a jiggle and they should come out on the end of the wand......

    You'll find on the instructions on the back that they will also stop frustrated swearing :grin:
  3. Not good
    Not good eather

    If you are lucky just the carbs...

    If not than it will be bit more than the engine... the head might have to come off the engine...
  4. Oh, no.....the dreaded ping, doink doink doink wherethefcukdidthatfreakin csrew go feeling.

    When you say it went "into the engine" where exactly did it fall?

    I'm guessing it fell into one of the carbies yes? Thus with the help of a small magnet and some string you may not be in too much strife.

    I don't know what the inlect tract is like on your bike but even if the screw got all the way through, the inlet valve still has to be open for it to get "inside" the engine.

    So, get lil magnet, put on string *securely* then may have to open throttle to get it past butterfly and go screw fishing :)

    Or just pick bike up over your head and shake it til screw comes out.
  5. Emphasis on "securely", you dont want to lose the magnet aswell.
  6. you make it sound so easy :LOL:
  7. I'm so frustrated.. and yes I think it's in the carbie.... I'm putting pictures up soon... *Sigh*

    Anything for help.... I may need to get a mechanic.. I dunno....
  8. As others have said, magnets can be your friend (and saviour!) :)
  9. Okies... I've put arrows to where I've dropped the screws.. Hopefully I can fish them out with magnet on a rope...

    Pray for me.


    AT least I know what my bike looks like. =P

    If anyone wants to help me, I'm 5 mins near knox... (I have a feeling that I'll need to get the engine out.. :p)
    I think I'm desperate.



  10. Don't worry mate, that's only the carbs.
    They actually come off without too much hassle. But the best idea is to go to an autobarn or repco and get the magnet on a stick recommended earlier.

    If you want to download the manual for your ZXR, you can get it from my website, www.speaks.geek.nz - scroll down and find the pics of the ZXR and click the pic.
  11. Okay. I have to get magnet on a stick.

    Magnet on a string didn't work... fact, I almost LOST the magnet..
    Off I go...

  12. Like hornet said get a flexible magnetic screwdriver or something similar, i've seen then at k-mart for only a few bucks and it should be able to get the screw out.
  13. OMG.

    Magnet on a stick achieved in 30 seconds what I couldn't achieve in 4 hours!!!

  14. Waiting on the next instalment of Grunge's swearing hissy fit. Clockin up to an hour since his last post.

    Gawd things we do when weather is misserable, & god help us if the magnet thingy dont work.
  15. hahahah keep us posted on new stuff!
  16. Dropping screws is a major pain, you learn to be extreemly carefull of holding onto them as you take them out, aslo a good idea to cover any holes with rags or tape.

    Magnets usually save the day :grin:
    Its a real problem if you dont know how many screws you dropped though :eek:
  17. OH it worked .. good good ... so we can all relax & breath a sigh of relief.
    Hit that submit button not long before I did. :grin:
  18. Glad to see you have found it!
    *roll* :roll:
    I hate it when you spend all day on something and it can be solved in 1 minute :roll:
  19. lol, next time poke a rag in the carbys first.
  20. This definitely sounds like something I would do, except I would probably drop the magnet on the stick down there too.