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HELP - stolen bike, ridden off during test ride

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by toar_rl, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    It has been a long time since I've jumped on this site. I trust you are all well.

    I've been trying to sell my Suzuki GSXR K1 1000 for a few months. It's distinctivly recognised by the words BALLS on the fuel tank (something done by the previous owner). It is Blue & White. REG ZT488

    On Saturday 15/11/08, 2 young men of arabic decent stole my motorbike.

    I was in Footscray looking at an appartment that I was going to move into. I currently live on the south side, so I scheduled to meet this potential buyer whilst I was in the West. One of the guys asked to test ride the bike around the car park we were in. He had no helmet and the other man stood beside me whilst he did a few quick laps of the car park. Then the rider just went onto the main road and rode off. At the same time the man next to me ran towards a car in the distance which had its passanger door open and engine running. The car was a silver EL falcon.

    I've approached the police who have said they have bigger fish to fry. I was selling the bike due to finanical difficulties and this will now significatnly impact my financial situation even more. Also stupidly I had no insurance. So I know it's a long shot but if anyone outhere happens to see this bike. Please call me on 0421 587 558.

    I've come to the realisation that in all likelyhood, I'll never see or recoupe any costs from this experience. At the very least I hope some of you NOOBS out there can learn from this. Don't trust anyone AND get insurance.

    Anyone who can help me by sharing their experience or shed any light on this topics, would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks all.
  2. Would insurance even want to know about this situation, afterall you gave this stranger your bike?

    BTW I do sympathize with your predicament, you must be feeling awefull, all the best and hopefully a positive outcome for you.
  3. That's disgraceful. I'd be calling the police again, it's a stolen vehicle and you know what they look like. It's quite likely they'll do it again as it was planned. Good luck, mate.
  4. Sorry to hear, The thought did cross my mind that someone might just ride off with my bike when I gave them a test ride. When I give them a test ride I just ask for their car keys which all of them were willing to give up for the bike keys and all agree that if something happens they fix it or buy it.

    I'd call the cops again, I'd be calling them or go to a cop shop. I'd be going it until a cop decides they would do something about it.

    I spent half a day and 3 cop shops trying to get a cop to file a lost property report on my numberplate(fell off my bike) which take less than 5min to do, otherwise vicroads wont issue me a new numberplate :roll:

    Good luck with the cops
  5. First thing I would do before giving anyone a test ride is to check and record the potential buyer's licence and therefore would have all the details.

  6. Keys and license mean nothing. A couple of weeks ago a guy lost his Subarau WRX to a guy who gave him his car keys, his license, and his wallet. The guy drove off with the WRX; all three items left as 'security' were stolen.
  7. Do you have the rego of the Ford?

    Could get a rego check done and find out were the prick lives?
    Burn their house down?
    Have you got either of the guys mobile numbers or anything?
  8. and he didnt bother checking the photo on the licence :eek:

    also to the OP think yourself lucky as if you refused a test ride they could have stabbed you or bashed you and left you for dead. Take it as a lesson learnt and be more carefull next time.

    always have a mate with you, refuse a test ride untill they say they are keen and get hold the cash before letting go of the keys and always look at there licence.
  9. ..that's what I was thinking
  10. Sorry to hear.
    I also dont belive you when you say the cops have bigger fish to fry.
    I have never in my life heard a police officer say that when a motorbike has been stolen. Heck my plasma and snowboard got stolen and they went to hack on my house fingerprinting everything.
    And that was a few grand.

    Surley it has tobe filed as stolen and a report be taken. That way they cant just mockup a transfer of rego form and re register the vehicle.

    I think your bike is in peices at the moment and you will never see it again. Sorry but thats the hard truth with stolen bikes and cars. They dont really get resold as registrable vehicles.

    I cant understand people who dont have insurance. It bewilders me!
  11. Well when your under 25 and male insurance is really off the planet expensive. The cheapest quote I could find for my cbf250 was $2200! In two years of paying that I could just about buy another one! I can understand why they quoted me this and you should be able to understand why I opted for 3rd party property instead ($150). (I do think your dill if you ride without this)

    It was uneconomical for me to pay for comprehensive insurance. Politely put, I think you need to look at the real world situation before saying things like you said.

    To the OP, sorry to hear your bike has been stolen, keep trying to find a police officer that wants to help and maybe just maybe something good will happen, if not take it in your stride.
  12. The police must take a report for the theft. However we had someone jump a 7' tall gate and break out of a property with a motorcycle and the police would not attend. We ended up having to go to them, in spite of the fact that there could be prints all over the place.

    Bad luck. I hate thieves. They should be relived of their hands.
  13. Soory to hear about what happened to you... really sucks :(

    For other people reading the the thread there are a few things one can do to reduce the chances of this happening.

    1. Don't ever ever give a test ride to people who arrive without proper riding gear.

    2. Make it a condition that a mate follows them on another bike. Get a mate, preferably experienced and with a powerful bike to do this. Have them ready to ride *before* the test rider is given the keys.

    3. Take a camera and take photographs of the licenses *and* the test riders and the vehicle they arrive in. If people ask just mention that people have done ride offs and stolen bikes. Mention that you will erase the images in front of them when they return with the bike. Just that request will probably make a lot of potential thieves walk away.

    4. Get them to sign a sheet with their details (name and adress) agreeing to pay any speeding or parking fines while you hold onto their license. If it's stolen the chances are they haven't memorized them. If they ask for the license to fill it in be wary.
  14. WTF ???
    i don't think any police can say that, they have to file reports against any criminal activity or threats.

    I agree with oohsam, unless those pricks are interested in a joyride, your bike would be disassembled and parts would be sold off unless its found real soon.

    if you give the keys of your bike to someone, I don't think the insurance will cover that as a theft. Its like you putting the key in your bike, with a poster saying "hey the keys are in there, and I wont be back till another 6 hours".

    insurance or no insurance, i don't think it would've maid much of a difference.

    be careful and follow the methods mentioned by many in the posts here when selling your vehicle. :|
  15. Sorry to hear about this dude.

    If you do ever see the bike again, make sure you get the licence of the person riding your bike, and make sure they got the gear.

    Did you get the car rego?
    I would be going into your local police startion and reporting this.
  16. Oh man, I feel for you. Are there cameras in the parking lot?
  17. That sux.

    thats one of the reason why I do not like selling stuff on trading post. meet too many random people. due to my experiance with thefts, I am rather paranoid about stuff like this.

    good luck, but dont hold your breathe
  18. Answer honestly for me if you can - In hindsight how many things didn’t add up at the time when you meet them i.e. alarm bells ringing to GTFO of there!?

    For example I recently went to look at a k6 GSXR to convert to a track bike. The guy didn’t ask me anything like “where’s you car†or “how did you get here†not a thing! He then threw me the keys when I asked and let me ride off. If I wasn’t an honest person I’d have a new bike sitting in my garage wet for racing, fairings on eBay and no ones the wiser. he's a lucky guy and didn't even know it!

    Don’t worry though – police are starting to make appearances on the tracks checking VIN numbers etc. Already a few people have been busted, lets just hope your thieves become one of them!
  19. You must look trustworthy :D

    and cant you file/chisel off VIN numbers?
  20. I think that would make things worse as they will be more determined to get to the bottom of why it was scratch to begin with.