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help!! stinky helmet head...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by zears, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. Ok so i was born with no sense of smell so i worry when somenoe tells me i smell if i dont expect to as i dont wanna be that guys... you know the one "stinky man" that you walk past from time to time on the street.

    anyways recently my partner has been saying i stink when comming home from work ( i work ni a air con office so shouldnt be sweaty) and we have realised that its my head thats stinky after taking my helmet off.

    my question is, is there any sort of deodoriser or something simalar for putting in your helmet. perhaps a powder like you put in stinky shoes to stop the smell? prefereably something that wont make my hair look like ive been rubbing sweaty talc powder into it?

    anyone able to offer suggestions would be good :)
  2. First id strip it all out and clean it of course!!!

    More natural way:
    Wash the padding - if you can - in something like euclayptus or tea tree products, itll kill anything in there bacteria wise, and leave it smelling pretty good too.
    A little squirt of either oil in there now and then should keep things kosher - regular washes helps too.

    Otherwise if you want to go chemical based, once washed out with warm soapy, dose them in some isopropyl alcohol and allow them to dry completely. Regularly spray some in the helmet and allow it to dry out as you go.
    Then you should be able to use your choice of deoderant on top of that without some awful smell appearing behind it.

    Maybe a change of shampoo too? Might be that yours stinks when your head gets hot and sweaty. Yes its possible!
  3. You should be able to just soak the whole thing in some suds. Let it dry outdoors or use a dryer+internal rack combo for kick-ass results and sparkly shine.
    OR Use man-perfume to mask the smell (anything French will work).
  4. I've noticed that the inside of my helmet and my hair smells different, depending of which shampoo I use. The strong smelling shampoos seem to make the inside of the helmet smell worse!! Don't put talc in your helmet on a hot day, or you will end up with a sort of white paste on your head!! 8-[

    ..on a slight tangent.. but linked:

    I've noticed that my dri rider pants always smell a bit damp/mildewy (all jokes aside!!...) even when freshly washed. I think it's because of the plastic inner liner (which cannot be removed).. it ends up like a blasted spa in there.

    Wondering if any of the tips for this thread would also work for the pants?? (no probs encountered when wearing leather pants).
  5. Turn pants inside out after washing and allow them to dry on the line for a few days to completley air and dry out then wash them again in detergent and allow them to dry again for a few days.
  6. ..thanks smee!. I do turn pants inside out to dry, but have not tried leaving them on the line for a few days and then washing them again. I'll give this a go!.
  7. On top of all the other tips given, when you are done riding, leave the visor open so that air can circulate inside to help reduce the smell lingering inside the helmet.
  8. Careful hanging draggins inside out in the sun, kevlar + UV (sun) = Bad.

    Apparently UV breaks down kevlar - It actually says that on the tag in the pants as far as I remember.
  9. That's a good tip and luckily I can't be stuffed hanging washes out the back and hang in the garage instead as it's quiet large and we have the washing machine there too.
  10. I always leave it (the visor) open for the last five minutes or so before I get home after a helmet that became somewhat stinky and had to eventually be thrown out in my younger days.

    Looking back, probably nothing to do with the helmet...

  11. thanks for the replys guys.

    i dont think my helmets liner comes out to be washed so not sure how to get around that. but thanks for the info :)
  12. Soak a towel, use a mild soap and wash the liner if it doesn't come out.

    Go and spend $10 on a thin cotton balaclava and wear that before putting your helmet on.

    I've worn my lid for 3 years and it's only just started to show signs of soiling.

    Time for a new helmet.

    Found a great one at Horizon in Derwent Valley?, browny, wanna come with me to go try it on for size.
    There is a lap or 18 of lake leake road in it for you :D
  13. Since I went bald, I have worn a hat to keep my head warm, Usually a beany or a welding cap. I use a beanie under my helmet all the time to stop the noise and the wind,
    I sweat a lot, and found that just wearing a hat, My caps I can only wear for two days at the most before they are stinking very badly, and need to be washed, It must be the head sweat that causes the smell, and it does smell very badly.
    My gloves do the same, especially if I have ridden in the rain. they really get on the nose.
  14. I agree with wearing a balaclava. I usually wear one even on hot days which is kinda ironic considering it makes me sweat that bit more. But its easier to just throw it in the wash and put another on.
    Or have a few helmets so you dont constantly sweat in the same helmet every day.
  15. hmm ok well i dont see my partner letting me buy a few extra helmets just so ive got a range to change between :p

    balaclava sounds good is there specific motorbike one that arnt the fire retardant racing ones i can get somewhere?
  16. I can't find the 'smilie emoticon for a swift backhander...but that is unnacceptable, she should be greeting you with a cold beer and a cooked meal...maybe time to upgrade for that young Philipino bride.

    regarding your other querie, you can get helmet liners like these>http://www.webbikeworld.com/r3/helmet-liner/

    and i'm sure there are a disposable type available somewhere, but i'll leave the googaling to you and good luck with that.

    very short hair helps, like number one buzz cut, buy some clippers...that works for me...unless you relish your lavish locks of silky hair like some sort of girly man...but if not, **** it , just shave it off.
  17. I work as a postie & wear a helmet every day & in all kinds of heat. Needless to say the head can get a little sweaty & the lid a bit stinky at times. There is a product called "Febreze" which you get from Safeway, etc that you spray & it takes away odour. Good luck with it.
  18. Any good bike shop will stock the Oxford balaclava. You can get cotton and you can get silk. Silk won't last long if you shave your head as it grips when the stubble starts to grow back a few hours after shaving.
  19. LOL, don't care for the helmet but I guess I'll have to supervise you for safety reasons on Lake Leake road - you know, just in case you need to overtake and all... :rofl:
  20. funny shes actually asian but born in malasia but been here most of her life :p

    i do actually have a number 1 cut most of the time but thanks for the help :)

    ill be sure to tell my partner to get me scotch and food although im a better cook and she wont pour the scotch mix just right