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help starting bike

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by doop, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. hi guys, i recently purchased a kawasaki kl250. old dirt bike. kick start.
    picked it up and it started first kick. ran perfect.

    tryed to recreate the day after and nothing. just wanted to double check if anyone knows about these things more than i do.

    what im doing is pulling the choke out half way, turning the key onto the second, middle switch. (there are 3 including off). and kicking my little heart out. (kick only)

    any tips appreciated. mechanicly i think its sweet. i think this is an operator issue.

    im not a noob to riding but am new to kick starts. and really really old bikes.

    thanks in advance

  2. Ah, Have you checked the kill switch?](*,)
  3. Choke is a vexatious issue and will depend on the state of carbs, timing etc. If you are running rich you probably won't want much choke and if you are running lean you will. For example, on one of my bikes, giving it some choke and no throttle is the way to go . Give it any throttle and it doesn't want to fire. The other bike is the opposite and generally wants to start with a handful of throttle and no choke. In other words unfortunately you are going to have to experiment a bit.

    If you have tried giving it a bit choke and it doesn't start, trying giving it no choke, if that doesn't work try giving it full choke.

    However I am more interested in the middle switch thing, on most bikes with a steering lock on the ignition switch middle position is ignition off and steering unlocked. Ignition on is usually the third position. Of you don't have a steering lock on the ignition switch as per my other bike, on mine middle position is parking lights and ignition off. Ignition on is still the third position.

    So question. Do you have spark? Pull a plug, earth it on the barrel and with the ignition on what you think is the on position give it a kick and see if it sparks. If not first thing I would do is check again with the switch in third position.
  4. thanks heaps m8, you were dead right. i was flooding it bad. middle switch on the kl. just a 1/4 of choke and some advanced kicking and she goes lovely :D

    the mechanic showed me an example of the carb. seems that it needs choke alone to create a vacume effect. opening the throttle gets the whole thing looking way to open.

    next trick is to make up some tubing to go from the carb to the box and work out if theres a filter in it.

    happy riding