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Help Sought :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, May 1, 2006.

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  1. Hey all I am in some advice as I am in a tight spot :(

    On sunday morning I was riding home along Toorak rd, after a night clubbing at Q Bar. I was riding along and closed my eyes for a split second and I managed to run in to a parked car :( :( :( I think the only damage to the car was some scratches along the side panels, but I panic and rode off. Now my bike has a big crack down the left hand side and I dont know what to do? I am worried what will happen, but I think I should report myself to the police or the owner of the vehicle. But they may ask why I rode off ( I had been drinking and taking E on Saturday night) so I dont know what to say??? Im really worried and I had to tell my father that someone knocked my bike over while I was sleeping at a friends house and thats why it has a crack on it.

    What should I do? Help???

  2. If you tell the truth, then you don't have to remember what you said.....
  3. Its only fair to contact the owner of the cage, how would you feel if someone backed over your bike and took off without a word? Just tell them you didnt have anything to write a note on you at the time and apologise...
  4. I think you should take an E and come and visit me.

    I'll help you through it :LOL:
  5. Well, if you want karma to treat you right you should try find the vehicle owner and pay for any damage you did. What goes around comes around.

    Also in future take a cab or get a lift if you're gonna be under the influence.

    Personally, I wouldn't dob myself in to the cops.
  6. Don't worry about what your dad thinks - get ready for a barrage of posts about responsibility, stupidity, accountabliity and any other -ability words you can think of
  7. you've already fixed it :grin: stick to your guns and all will be well.

    next time, take more E than drink and you'll be fine :wink:

    :p :p :p :p :p
  8. i thought this was a wind up of a post, but it seems you really are fool.
  9. I'm sorry i have to get this out or i'm going to explode. YOU BLOODY IDIOT, what the hell where you doing riding while drunk and Whacked out on E. That's is the most irrespondible stupid thing you could've done.

    And what do you mean "closed my eyes for a split second"??? Are you talking like a long blink or closing your eyes because you were tired anr ripped?? You must've been bloody close to the car to begin with if you managed to hit it after "a split second".... Ok now i've got that outta the way here is my advice

    You should definately go a turn yourself in. Why does that innocent car driver deserve to have to pay for the repairs caused by some drunk, stoned idiot??? What would you feel like if someone pissed idiot knocked your bike over and just walked off???

    Considering the event happened last night they most likely won't even bother testing you for alcohol and they should have no reason to do a drug test. If they asked how you crash tell them you had a microsleep (which it sounds like you may have anyhow).

    Then WHEN they ask why you left the scene of the accident tell them them you panicked and didn't have a phone on you, and there was no one around. If your going to do the right thing and turn yourself in this might atleast give you alittle slack.

    Now i recommend marching yourself down there either this afternoon or tomorrow morning.


    P.S. Yes i know this is prolly a troll but the drugs bit pissed me off and i just vented (my cousin has drug induced psycosis)
  10. :? Thats a pretty serious situation you have yourself in there, for one i would not post it on here because anyone (Including the owner of the car you hit) could be browsing these forums and also there will be 20 pages of arguments, bitching and telling you off for doing what you did.

    You have to do what you decide what is right for both you and the other parties, whatever happens if you dob yourself in you will be in heaps of shit and it will cost you lots of $$$$'s , good luck with YOUR decision and try not to do drugs and ride in the future you'll end up dead.

    But yeah....why would you ask a question like this on netrider :?
  11. You are legally obligated to report it - so probably best you do rather than find out someone else has when the Police show up at your door for a chat. Just tell them that at the time you didn't think you caused any damage - but when you saw your bike in the daylight you realised you might have. And next time your planning on drinking/taking E - leave the bike at home, riding's dangerous enough sober.
  12. I think you should sell you bike before you kill someone.
  13. If that was my car i would be really pissed off,its bad enough people slam there doors into other peoples cars at car parks or touch park and think its onlt a little scratch/dent.IF ITS ONLY LITTLE BLOODY PAY FOR IT.Sorry this is from a victim of multiple scratches and dents on a new xr8.Find the dude and fix it,or dont and dont biatch when it happens to you.Say a cage pulls out in front of you and clips you and drives off, :shock:
  14. :LOL:

    You did the wrong thing dob yourself in but don't mention the drinking or E's to the cops. You will get karma points good or bad depending on your course of actions.

    Don't ride your bike stoned get a flamin cab!!!!
  15. find the cage, leave a note with your number. No need to tell the cops. But certainly find the owner and pay for the damage. Your bike is your responsibility as well, of course.
  16. I will go apologise to them tonight tell them what happend and tell them I will cover all their costs. I honestly think it was only a few pink scratches along the right hand side (trust it to be a dark blue mercedes, for all the scratches to show up) :(

    Thanks for the advice, please dont hate me, it was an accident.
  17. Do you have insurance??

    I would go directly to the people and avoid the cops because im sure they could charge you with all sorts of things.
  18. Dark blue Mercedes? Ouch! Make sure your insurance is sorted before poping over, and get your story straight. I didn't stop because I was very late for work, (or something like that) and now I am back to make sure its all sorted. With all due repsect, the mistake you made was getting on a bike pissed and out of your biscuit. What happened after that was inevitable. Just be thankful that you didn't injur yourself or anyone else. Remember, drugs are bad mmmmkay?
  19. Look Biker Bunny, You have come this far you may as well see it through.

    Keep lying and keep taking E and keep riding while clocked on and drunk and what the hell, keep closing your eyes at random times while riding on suburban streets, while your at it you may as well close you eyes while riding anywhere.

    You are probably just feeling bad about this cause of the whole 'day after E thingy' and by next friday night you will right to get out in you giant glowing frilly pants and dance the night away.

    Who cares about the owner of the car you hit, probably just some kid that borrowed their parents car and spent all day explaining to their parents how they don't know what happened or how the thousands of $ worth of damage was caused. Its not your problem, you got away.

    Noone will ever track you down and things like this never come back to bother you.

    Life is all about looking out for number one !! Just make sure you are OK and if you cause any grief for others, well thats their fault for not being you.

    And I must say that it is a great idea to post on a public forum, with so many users from such diverse backgrounds, all about how you did a hit and run while drunk and stoned.
  20. The cops only need to be involved in a traffic incident if an ambulance has to be called, or one of the vehicles involved needs to be towed away. If the car owner has called the cops to report the damage (doubtful), then they will probably give you a pat on the back for returning to sort it all out. If it was my car, and you returned to my front door, I would be taken aback. You never know, it may be a company car and he (or she) may not give a toss. See how it goes. Dont forget, the reason you pay insurance is for incidents like this. Oh, and tell your Da the truth after you have sorted it all out.
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