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Help! Someone hit my parked bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Cowboy Mac, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I had my bike parked on the side of the road (ZZR-250) and someone reversed into it. There looks to be minor cosmetic damage on the fairings, the side mirror is scratched, and the handlebar ends are also scratched. I have it insured through InsureMyRide for ~5k.

    This isn't the worst thing in the world, but as soon as I started riding it the steering seemed very odd. I suspect the balance has been screwed up and I will ride it properly tomorrow to test it, but it isn't great to ride now.

    The plus side is the person who hit it left a note, and when I called they were very apologetic. I let them know about the steering and said I would test the bike and call them tomorrow.

    My question is, if the steering has been screwed up, what is the cost likely to be? Is the repair a wheel balance and straightening the steering or replacing it all? Is it possible the repairs could write off the bike? Is there anything I should watch out for in this situation?

    Thanks all!
  2. It's possible that the forks might be out of alignment or bent.

    If the forks are bent it may be a write off.
  3. Probs just twisted the forks

    Easy to do, very common on a small drop. And very easy to fix with help from a friend.
  4. Definately get it checked by someone knowledgeable, it could as simple as dragon says, or something expensive. You'll need to work out the cost of the repairs if you're going to claim vs the loss of no claim bonus, and whether the driver will pay excess. Note that many people think that minor damage to a bike will be cheap and are therefore cooperative, but change their attitude when they find out what it will really cost.
    Good luck.
  5. Nice to hear that they left a note! Lucky you.
  6. Have it checked by a proper mechanic...that's what insurance is for! Lucky they left an honest note...that is a rare thing =D>
  7. What lil said.
    Just get it all done through insurance. If they are insured, get them to make a claim and then you can either go through yours or theirs. If you go through your insurance make sure you have the claim number from their insurer, you can call them to verify it's real.
  8. If there are enough scratches on it in enough places it could well be a write off. I'd still get it assessed because at the end of the day, that damage has reduced the value of your bike. Your two options are repair or get a payout for the damages.

    My old 250 and current 600 are wreckers bikes that have been dropped. I don't mind riding around with scratches, but I understand that some people like their bikes immaculate and shiny.

    As for your forks, I dropped my GPX250 back in the day. It didn't ride straight for a week after and i had a family friend try to help me bend the forks. We didn't have the right equipment so we didn't try too hard. I finally bit the bullet and took it to a mechanic. The guy put the front tire up against a wall and turned hard on the handle bars. There was a bit of a click and the steering was straight again. That's worth a shot.
  9. Loosen the top triple clamps first, or you may do more harm than good.
  10. He wouldn't lose his no claims bonus for a not at fault claim.
  11. +1

    You were bloody lucky. We had a hit and run on our car witnessed, and when my wife reported it the cops said she was the 19th person that week, and only the first with a note left.