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help selling bike interstate {moved from General first and last time}

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by acez1659, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. hi, i have a buyer for my bike, but he lives in a different state to me. what is the safest way to sell him my bike?

    because as he lives in S.A how can i get him to sign a bill of sale and the rego transfer papers?

  2. Isn't rego state by state ergo you can't transfer the registration to him?

    I would have thought it was a case of cancel rego in your state sell unregistered then its up to him to get it done in SA.
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  3. This sounds right. I looked at buying a bike from Adelaide and the SA rego would have been cancelled and I would have needed a RWC and had to re-register the bike in Vic. Fairly expensive exercise as it turned out.
  4. Sign the transfer papers when he collects the bike.

    My bike came from Vic. I took the signed transfer papers to our our SA REGO branch office which arranged for an inspection. That done, fees paid, rego in my name. Form filled out for return of plates and cancellation of VIC reg was posted back to me.

    I collected my bike and rode it back home and within a week it was in my name.
  5. sorry you'se are right. forgot about that. but my main concern was the bill of sales. not really the rego
  6. Piece of paper written up as a receipt ....2 copies...both signatures on each piece of paper so you both have a copy
  7. but how do i get his signiature from another state? could i fax for a signature?
  8. I refuse to do vehicle transactions when not face to face....your on your own there sorry bud