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Help! Scooter wont start!

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by scooterblue, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. :cry:
    My 125cc TGB Voodoo scooter wont start! Three days ago one early morning I tried starting it, first go it didnt go, second try it started.
    Next morning it did the same again, but then yesterday it completely wouldn't start at all!
    It may be my owjn stupidity though as I havent checked oil in a month and we checked the oil only to find it dry :( The engine makes a sound like a whirring sound when I try to start it but goes no further. There is no smell at all. We put oil in it but nothing. The petrol is low (on empty) but not empty completely. I've had people say it could be a dirty fuel filter due to riding round on low to empty fuel a lot (yes I do!) or dirty spark plugs not firing or blocked fuel line. I had trouble on the cold mornings before but not during the day until this last time where it just wouldnt start. I cant afford a new engine!!! I'm now wishing I had done a motorbike mechanics course :(

  2. petrol would be like 5bux like mine. same scooter but 101r and 150cc , then again i have no idea were the oil thingie is and how to know wen its full or not
  3. Yeah petty is really cheap, max is like $7.50 or roundabouts in my area to fill it completely. You check the oil by looking at the left hand side (if you are standing in front of the bike) and its a little dipstick nestled near the engine parts thingy. I usually leave it up to my scooter service guy but since its been leaking a little, that may not have helped.
  4. last full tank cost me like $4 i think ,
  5. change ya nick scooterblue, it's condasending
  6. This post concerns me....

    Just a thought, if you dont know much about engines/scooters... do your self a favour and take it to a mechanic... or a to scooters house!! LOL :LOL: :LOL:
  7. yes bring it to me, I have firewood splitter ready.
  8. I got the jiffys'! Lets have a cookout! :cool:
  9. can u kick start it???

    mine has issues with battery strenght at times. then again when u spend time at idle and not at hard revs the alternators not charging and the light is draining the battery.

    mine went thru 400ml of two stroke oil in about 1000km.

    just had it serviced and the engine oil was clean still.

    4000km on its clock now.

    try a battery charger and in future fill it up when it looks low.
  10. I love it. Fantastic description there :p
  11. Condescending ??? :shock:

    Well problem is I can't afford for major problems to get fixed right now as I don't have any savings thanks to a car needing rego very soon (damn those greenslips!). Motorbike mechanics charge like wounded bulls and I don't have a trailer to get it there anyways. My brother is going to clean my spark plug(s) and fuel filter to see if that makes a diff. Engine turns over and everything, I just cant afford for it to break down as it is my only transport right now and my work is at least 20 mins from my house. My boyfriend tried kick starting it but hes a motorbike newb (even more so than I).
    Thanks for the help so far :)