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help - RS250 rev meter not working

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by ska, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. I need an opinion with a problem i'm having with my aprilia RS 250. The bike was running fine til i serviced it 3 weeks ago. Last week I washed my bike (may have caused the problem??) but it started fine after i washed it. However, when I started my bike earlier this week (after 3 days since washin the bike), the rev meter wasn't not working. Subsequently, the bike is idling rough and isn't happy revving. If i try revving her, it makes a popping sound and the revs drop down. ATM, i'm not able to ride the bike at all cause of this problem.

    I've pulled out the spark plugs and given them a clean but that didn't fix the problem. Has anyone experienced this before? Anyone know what the cause of this? I've also noticed that the exhaust has quite a bit of excess wet oil to the point that it drips out. Was told by a mechanic that the reason is that I'm not revving the bike enough and is causing the 2 stroke oil not being completely burnt. Is that true?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated as i'm keen to start riding soon! Thanks
  2. Hi ska and welcome to netrider :)

    I agree with you, idling rough and popping doesn't sound consistent with plugs. Is it oil dripping from the exhaust or an oil/fuel mix? It doesn't make sense to me (not that I know anything) that fouled plugs would result in enough oil pooling to drip. Maybe someone else can explain this?

    Have you had the bike long and had any other problems like this?
  3. Check your fuses first thing you may have got water in it.

    Are the power valves buzzing when you turn it on ?

    Have you drained the float bowls ? (water in carbs)

    Have you timed the oil injection pump cable i think worked off throttle cable used to remove screw from the side of the carby and align dot on slide with hole and align mark on oil pump with mark on case ?

    Just some areas to check
  4. a similar thing happened to my nsr 150 i washed it then the tacho stopped workin a simple thing just a cable from tacho to crank n bike had a little miss for a few weeks (prob just a little water in tank)