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Help Required

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lil, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Stookie and I are moving next week (very exciting!!!), but as he is still a cripple, I was wondering if there was anyone available to give a hand helping me move the big stuff. I have next Tuesday off (our preferred move-in day) otherwise next Sat/Sun.

    I expect it would only take a couple of hours and we would make it worth your while.

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  2. Ah, where abouts are you guys moving to?!?!?!?
  3. I have a work van :) that will be able to carry most things, can be available after work or on the weekend if stuff needs still to be moved :)

  4. Sorry I am so far away Lil, otherwise I could have give you a hand in my twin cab Hilux. Good luck with the move and hope everything goes smoothly with Stookie as overseer!
  5. I know moving house is a dirty word to a few and Its a pain in the ass, I dont want to watch Lil and her sister carry stuff into the van so come on people.......If I could I would.

    Beers and all that carry on will be on us. Only really need 2 strong lads for about 2 hours.
  6. What suburbs are you in and where are you moving to?
  7. ill offer assistance - i down in hawthorn so only a short tram ride up there due to no bike at the moment :(

    might be good for tuesday arvo and weekends are good. lmk pm
  8. OK here is the deal. Give me a hand to move one big item tomorrow Which will take a couple of hours. Maybe 3. And I will give you at least as long again. Anytime you want next week
    PM me if you are interested.
  9. I would love to help you but the reason we a are asking for some help is Stookie-ME has 8 pins and a plate holding shoulder together after a recent off, I been out of surgery for a month and I cant lift my arm to hold a coffee let alone move house. I would be happy to help otherwise.
    Lil-my girlfriend cant obviously do it alone and I feel bad as Im useless to her as Im all strapped up and with a sling and stitches.

    We are moving from Kew to Blackburn. We called some moving places but they want $119 per hour. Cant afford that right now due to me just getting back to work and paying out alot for rent and bond.
    But we can hire a van for the day for the same price and we thought we would ask if anyone can help. Its ok if you cant but better you understand why I cant and why we are looking for some help.

    Thanks for the offer, If I could help you I would as Im not working tomorrow.
    If you did want to help im sure Lil would come pick you up on the Duke and take you home.
  10. I *should* be free on the tuesday, up till about 4 in the arvo.
    I'd be happy to lend a hand.

    EDIT: I won't be able to reply to anything over the weekend, earliest I would read it would be late afternoon on the sunday. Give me a PM if you need an extra hand.
  11. Bluey that would be great if you could.
    We only need to get a washing machine, fridge and sofa down stairs onto a van and off again at the other end and the jobs done. We can probably get by with the small stuff as Lil has already started packing it all up into boxes.

    I will get lil to give you a shout and confirm with you.

  12. Not a problem.
  13. Cant offer you a van or anything, but happy to lend a hand - should be free tuesday after lunch for the rest of the day if that helps.
  14. Happy to help guys, but I work Tue so couldn't get there until 5:30ish.
  15. Thanks for the offers guys, if you are serious and can spare the time then please PM me for the address and our phone number.

    Lil is in her excited moving mode and all I can do is stand back and make the tea...1 cup at a time.

    It will be easy I reckon. She has already packed some boxes and I dont have much stuff here, guys dont accumulate as much shyte as girls.
  16. YEah well.
    OK I can give you a hand to load stuff on. And possibly at the other end. And I have a trailer from work , its pretty small but will certainly do for a washing machine. fridge and sofa. Not all in the one load tho. That part is dependant on Kathy as its her car I am using. That could be doable tomorrow

    I might have my issue sorted. Just waiting to find out at the moment. But its a not particulary heavy but bloody awkward computer desk I need to movc. I was hoping Lil would be up to it. Its in Ivanhoe going to burwood. Mind you its not particulary light either But I wouldnt be worried about my girlfriend managing it and she aint no amazon One of the guys on AB is going to let me know and the backup plan is to do it sat.

    Anyway PM me an address and a time. If you want to do a couple of loads tomorrow in the early arvo that will be doable. I,m sure Kathy my gf would love a ride on the duck sometime.

  17. Thanks percrime, we can only do tuesday at the moment.
    We are hiring a van for the day, but if you needed a car with a towbar we also have one if needed.
    Lil is working tomorrow and I am at home but I cant do to much except chuck stuff into a box as long as its small and light.

    Kathy would be a welcome addition to the duke.....2 girls on a duke on a ride day......anytime Im sure. Lil loves taking a pillion and wouldnt mind at all.
  18. Hey guys, I would love to give you a hand but doing on call work, I never know if I am working or not. I won't find out till Tuesday morning if I am doing a shift but if I don't get a call, count me in to help out for the day :)
  19. hmmm tuesday then. Lemme know.
  20. :WStupid: