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help required on chain oiling/lubing??

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dean, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. hello all,
    i have a little problem with getting some answers on chain oiling,been to 4 different bike shops-you guessed it 4 different answers,i have a cbr600f5 it has one of these o ring chains,can anyone with the same bike or similar prob help me-whats the best stuff to get and how often to oil it,i know the manual says every 1000ks but is it better to oil it more often?,can u overoil a chain??.

  2. Asking that question here's probably going to get you even more than 4 different answers. You don't really have to worry though about over oiling - the only real side effect of that is that you get more oil flung off the chain onto the bike (and need to do a lot more cleaning). Chain lubrication is actually taken care of by grease packed into it during manufacture which is sealed in by the o-rings - the oil's really only there to keep them from drying out and leaking.
  3. Spot on.
  4. From what I saw on a cooking channel, don't use olive oil, it's heat resistance is extremely poor. Vegetable oil is probably the best heat-wise while peanut oil offers good heat resistance and good flavour.
  5. LOL @Deyago.

    Trust him, he knows stuff :LOL:
  6. PJ1 is supposed to be great.

    I'm currently using Motul clear non-sticky stuff.

  7. I think it might also be a rust inhibitor. :)
  8. PJ1 have two different lubes, Blue and Black. Blue is meant to be designed especially for O-Ring chains, it is what I'm using now but don't know if I will get more. One of the bike mags did a chain lube review and supposedly DuPont Teflon something something was the bee's knees.

    I think what is more important is regular cleaning (kerosene and an old tooth brush works wonders) and lubing rather than what specific product you use (just don't use WD-40). The general consensus is to clean/lube your chain every 500kms, or ever 2 tanks of fuel, I don't think you can go wrong with that advice.
  9. ive got some motul stuff too. it's good gear.

    that bike point guide is pretty good. you just need enough to keep the chain lubed against the sprockets. any extra will just end up flung onto your rims.
  10. Also just make sure you lube your chain after you wash the bike. Just cos the soapy water can remove the oil.