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help removing front panel.....

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by furbypimp, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. hi all..
    i was just wondering if anyone has had to remove a front panel on a bolwell scooter(red devil)
    i have all the screws off...BUT i cant get the front screw off. the silver one on the front...i was wondering if there is a trick or special tool to be used?
    please help anyone...
    also i need to fix some cracks in the front panel so would a fibre glass kit work?
    thanks for the help..

  2. Well if you plan on painting where you fix, I have just begun my crack fixing experience and I have just used a Butane powered soldering iron some zip ties and some sand paper and all is going well... Just have to take it somewhere to get painted after tommorow, you could try that. I could'nt say how a fibre glass kit would go.
  3. Special tool you need is a pimpin' big screwdriver! Seriously, don't try to
    use an undersize screwdriver, you'll only tear up the screw. Get a big
    fat screwdriver that fits perfectly. Else use an impact driver (gently)
    with the correct head.
  4. thanks for your help..
    i got a friend who is gonna paint my scoot...
    where do i get a butaine powered iron? how much? lol...i not very technical..i just used some 2 part araldite see if that will hold it till i get some cash up my sleave to repair it..i will see how that gose once i have put the whole thing back together..if this dont work i will have to maybe pay someone to do it...or fix it...
    thanks for your help tho i will post once i have done this..
    also i didnt get the front screw off...i just pulled every other panal apart and got to it from behind...
  5. sometimes they use the star shape head so it's sort of a special tool. Easily pick up an adaptor or an acutal star shape head screw driver from hardware store for $2 - $5. It's a cross between an allan Key shape and a philips head shape.
  6. Could also be some L-shaped tabs holding it in place?