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HELP!! probs with the gpx250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by LowIsuzu, Nov 12, 2005.

  1. Howdy all,
    i own a 96 gpx250 which i putt to n from work on.'(i will try give as much info as possible)

    the problem is that it wont start properly.

    the starter motor turns the engine over nicely. but i most of the time, i cant hear the engine trying to kick, after maybe a miinute or two trying to get it started, it will kick a couple tiems, and if im lucky i can give it the right amount of throttle to keep it running.

    not sometimes it starts first go, sometiems forever, it happens when its cold, when its warm when its hot....
    also, the Choke is fairly shit, when i pull it right on, and the bike starts, it wont keep it running unless i hold the throttle, and sometimes it will rev over 4000, i have trouble with keeping it idling at the right speed when warm aswell.
    when i give it a rev, the revs drop down to around 3k or 2.5k, then drop down to idle.

    my first thought was the spark plugs were dirty, cleaned em, they were fine,
    then i thought maybe the carbies were gunked up,
    i stripped em down, had a good look, they were spotless.

    my next thought is compression possibly. but i dont have a quage to measure the amount of compression.

    the previous owner had some work done on the carbies cos they were playing up a while ago.

    does anyone have any idea's? cos i am kicking myself here, im going to be very bruised soon.
  2. 1. Check the air filter, clean it or preferably replace it.
    2. Check the needle and seat in the craby is not worn or needs adjusting.
    3. Check the strength of your spark, sometimes it can deminish under load.

    just my thoughts of the top of my head.

    mmm mybe the top of my head came off!!!!
  3. gallon on petrol and a match!!!!!
  4. whats a Gallon in litres ya monkey?

    cheers pigironbob, i will go over the whole thing again, maybe something i missed.
    isnt it good when people give u helpful responses...