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HELP PLZ-final house inspection

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GMAN, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. :) hi everyone.
    my house is nearly complete,its the the first time im building and its been a huge learning curve.
    the question i have for everyone is,wen i do my final inspection to i do it in front of the builder or do i have the whole day????
    also does anyone know a lock smith who can help change my locks???
    all feed back would be greatly appreciated

  2. no idea.. the only advice i can give is not to buy an old house with lots of tree's around it, which has been restumped

    my friggin house is sinking
  3. You do it with the builder.
    You can take your time, but they will try and rush you.
  4. The builder will go through it with you.
    You do not have to sign or accept anything on the day.

    There are firms that come out and do the inspection with you.

    Is this the handover inspection that you speak about?

    I take it the house is in Melton?

    If the date & time suit I can offer to go through it with you. I built just under 2 years ago and have a fair idea of what to look for.

    You do not need to change the locks. Most builders hardware is set to "Master Key" for the builders to access. Once you place your key in the lock it resets it to your key and the builders key is dissabled. Trust me, I checked this out.
    If you still need/want a locky then let me know, I have a mate who's a locky.

    Let me know, my number is on the about-us page.

  5. Hopefully your inspections have occurred before the final, since at final it's about SFA you can do about it if there is major problems - except get into legal arguments about reducing the final price. We had our own independant inspectors review at frame and lock-up stage, and that is where the most things were picked-up and could be rectified.

    Fully recommend engaging www.bssdesign.com.au to come and do a final independant inspection for/with you. It's about $300, but well worth it, and if it does get into legal or price negotions then you have them to advise. Also, their list of changes required before final approval will be much more exhaustive and comprehensive than one you do between yourself and your builder. You then hand that report to the builder and say fix it all! :)

    As for the rest (keys etc.) exactly what Vic said...