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HELP Plumming advice please?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mizz ZZR, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. I've sprung a leak in the toilet!

    Its where the pipe comes out of the cistern into the toilet bowl. There's a rubber collar around the bowl end of the pipe that has perhished and needs replacing.

    Question is how to get the bugger off. Do I unbolt the bowl from the floor and slide it forward, or undo the cistern from the wall and lift that up???

    I'm hoping you're gonna say cistern.
  2. The last time I did tthat shitty job... it was just possible to wriggle in out without losening anything. Shouldnt matter tho.. its just a seal Pull it out whichever way seems easiest

    Disgusting job

  3. Generally .. if it's the flange gasket on the pipe running from the cistern to the bowl .. depending on age/design of the cistern you should be able to unscrew the pipe right underneath the cistern allowing it to swing away and out of the gasket ring. Bunnings usually have those gasket rings .. take the old one with you to compare.

    If it's the gasket ring out of the bowl to the sewer pipe then yes you'll have to unscrew the bowl from the floor to get it out ... and believe me it is NOT a pleasant job ...

    Best of luck with it ...
  4. Fortunatley Birdrock, it is the cistern into the bowl, not the bowl out.

    I'll give it a go, thanks.
  5. well your set, as that is clean/fresh water :wink:
  6. Okies well that's good that it's the "clean" one hehe.
    Just a tip ... make sure the tap on the cistern filling pipe is turned off ... then flush the loo to empty the cistern as much as possible ... that way there'll be less water to spill everywhere when you undo the pipe.

    Then you can undo the pipe under the cistern ... pull it down a little to dislocate it from the cistern and then you can swing it either right or left and then pull it out the back of the flange gasket ..

    Hope all that helps and after doing all that and the new gasket is fitted etc ... you'll feel "flushed" with success ... (geeez sowwy .. but someone hadta say it hehehe)