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Help please

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by jetz427, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. I recently got my GPX serviced, and i rode it home from liverpool to guildford and it was fine.

    But overnight it kept leaking a little bit of petrol from near the petcock. Then it got worse when i tried to ride it again. It was dripping out at a much faster rate than when it was stationary. and now it is constantly leaking at like a drop per second when its stationary and on the centre stand.

    Does anyone know a possible cause for this?

    I never had this problem before i got it serviced. What could they have done to screw that up?
    what could i do to solve the problem
  2. The seal between the fuel tap and tank has failed. Could be due to the service if they were rough in removing the tank or when it was sitting on the ground (resting on the fuel tap).
    Edit: Also possible they may have removed the tap for some reason (ie to check the filter) and it didn't seal properly when they put it back. Try checking to see if the bolts attaching it are done up tight.
  3. Does the tap have an "off" position?

    If so, turn it off and see if the leak stops.

    Clean off the dripping fuel with a rag (don't leave it lying where someone might drop a match or a fag) and watch carefully to see where it comes from. It will probably run down very discretely before it drips, so wipe carefully.

    It could come from the fuel line - the tank was possibly removed for a valve check or similar - or a loose tap. Use good daylight to look carefully for the first sign of the dribble or ooze.


    Trevor G
  4. I assume you mean a gay person. No-one calls them a fag anymore. ;-)
  5. I think it depends on what part of the country (or city) you inhabit...

    I subscribe to a US forum which won't allow users to use the name of the large, German, bearing manufacturer, FAG. I wuz sorta testin' it out. ;-)

    Those over-simplistic filters, just like Dìck as in Smith, are easily circumvented.


    The G

  6. Also wipe away all the petrol and watch closely for petrol splotches to appear on or under the tank itself. Around the p e t c o c k on a gpx tank is a good spot to develop pin hole rust spots through the tank and it usually runs down and drips off the p e t c o c k..