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Help please with internet, mobile phone package

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Johnny O, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. Hi Guy's, I am an utter dipstick when it come to anything internet or mobile phone, I was wondering if anyone can steer me in the right direction please?

    I have to get the internet connected at home, is it better to get a package that includes my mobile phone? Which is the best company to go with?

    If I get a 'wireless' connection, do I need to get a modem and/or router also?

    Is there anyone interested in setting the final security settings for me in return for motorcycle mechanical work?

    Thanks team.
  2. I can't give you advice about which ISP/phone company offers the best value, but I can help you with the setup once you have made the decision.
    God knows how many times I've had to do it for myself with every change of ISP I've made since 1995, one more time wont kill me :wink:
  3. lol, thanks Caz, I give you a yell when & if I get something.

    You're the last person that needs any mechanical assistance, you.ve got a whole workshop of lackies to do your dirty work, not that your near-new FZ6 needs anything. :)
  4. Yes it does.....
    it needs a centre stand, new pipes, shorty levers, ummm, a carbon fibre fuel filler cap, maybe a clear rear lense, ohh and not to forget some fancy indicators. :p
  5. What data amount do you wish per month. Different amounts dictate different companies and also different ISPs have freezones (i.e you can download/watch stuff that doesn't get counted by the ISP). I use iinet and they have motorbike tv for free. http://www.iinet.net.au/broadband/freezone.html

    There is no one best plan for all consumers so we need to know the amount you intend to use, budget if there is one, 'needs' (like faster latency which means online games 'play' smoother/better). With mobile internet, it is a little usb device that plugs into your USB port and that one computer is internet enabled. It is hell expensive per GB, just very portable. Wireless internet is basically, normal internet at ones home that you can access wirelessly which needs a wireless router and wireless card or capability (such as laptops and some motherboards in the computer).

    It's not simple black and white question :)


    Ah, I see you had mobile PHONE after posting this... Oops, thought you had mixed mobile internet and wireless internet (2 different things in the technical sense) Virgin, optus offer mobile phone and internet plans but they usually are iffy unless you want 'stock standard' internet. You usually save $5-$10 or something, so it can be worthwhile unless you have high internet usage needs. Once again, need to know your wants. I usually recommend seperate deals/plans for internet + mobile phone as they are different telcos usually who offer better plans for the particular thing/plan/technology.
  6. The iinet naked adsl2 service is superb.
    Been with them 8 months or so now and cant fault it at all.
  7. exetel are great, you need a home phone for it though I think they may do "naked".
  8. Yep help is needed....
    walked into a Telstra shop today to try & sort out the myriad of accounts I have and all they wanted to do was sell me another! :?
    Am such a luddite, had to have a seven year oldon Sunday, assist me in changing the time on my watch. : :oops:
    Can cook and trade home made stuff.
  9. Your first mistake.
  10. I would advise against telstra.

    For mobile Broadband I would look at virgin, it's not as fast as telstra, NextG but its significantly cheaper.

    For a mobile Phone, i'd suggest 3. It roams on Telstra, when your outside of the "3 coverage". Great Value on the plans etc. And for $69/month you can get a phone and a wireless modem, and 2gb/month data for the wireless. Although Keep in mind that until an agreement is reached re roaming Data, you will get charged through the ear for Mobile Data used when not in "3 coverage"
  11. There are so many options out there JO. Avoid Telstra unless you need coverage outside of Metro. If you need mobile broadband outside of Metro, Telstra are your only real viable option.

    Some terms.

    Naked DSL. It's a broadband connection, via the Telstra copper cable, but with no Telstra voice service. If you have a mobile phone already, it's a good idea. However you need to select an ISP who can sell this service to you in your exchange area.

    VOIP. If you want a landline with your naked DSL service, you need to use Voice over IP (VOIP). This is good, but you need to spend a little on new hardware. I have a VOIP phone and it cost me $100. There are many VOIP providers. They all offer great deals on telephone calls, far in excess of what Telstra could ever offer.

    ADSL2. High speed connection, up to 20mbps. That means you can hoover as much pr0n as you like (or dance music, whatever your thing is!) at incredible speeds. Lots of ISP's have their own ADSL2 equipment in Telstra exchanges. They are all very much cheaper than Telstra ADSL2. Some ISP's can also sell ADSL2 via Telstra and their costs are still cheaper than Telstra, despite selling the same product.

    Some ISP's now also resell mobile phone deals. Internode do this. However, I always recommend to not bundle. Bundling is great, but it ties to you to a provider.

    Mobile Broadband.
    3 have great packages, good speeds and reasonable metro coverage. You could ditch your Telstra line, ADSL connection (if you had it) and just use a 3 broadband service via either a mobile handset or a USB dongle. Speed is slow compared to ADSL2, but it is an instant saving of $20/mth if you don't have to have a fixed line connection.

    Vodafone have mixed reviews for their mobile broadband. Virgin resell Optus. Optus are OK, but I hated their customer service. Telstra are unbelievably expensive, but their product is exceptional.

    Don't whatever you do go into a shop and let yourself be sold a package. Come back here first.
  12. get a wireless router that says wireless modem and router. normally you'd have to set it up with a network cable including activating the wireless network. be sure to enable secure line.

    telstra is always overprice, I use TPG, good service, good price.
  13. well maybe 2nd, cause I did it last december and the same thing happened so went to a different Telsra shop today.
    Yes I do need coverage in regional areas and Telstra is the only one that works most of the time.
    But, I pay for 2 land lines
    Mobile phone (big time)
    3 internet connections.
    (all with Telstra)
    ....and i do not understand how to get out of this $$$$ bind that Telstra has me in.
    All I do is keep in contact with my m/c club, family and friends, between two houses, plus have old work stuff sent to me.
  14. NextG is fantastically expensive, but for a lady of such substantial means, a drop in the proverbial ocean...

    With your rural needs, definitely consider using a NextG mobile and broadband connection. Ditch your landline if you can get a good mobile call deal. If you must have a fixed landline, go for Homeline complete (high rental charge, low call costs). Use your NextG mobile as your broadband connection. This way you rationalise your mobile phone and internet to one. Home telephone remains separate.
  15. consider satelite internet... it's not as expensive as it used to be.

  16. hey, I do not work anymore, and I grow my own veggies.
    Cejay, am not the only person on this planet who has changed there life recently......
    Yes I do have NextG as one my Telstra accounts, but I do not know how to use it and they will not explain it to me, in a relationship to my other accounts that is why I am willing to trade whatever, for some basic
    know how. Cheers (and luv to Liz)
  17. Beware of excess usage charges. When you exceed your usage quota the ISP will either shape your downloads (reduce your download speed to dialup speed) or charge you a fee for the extra data downloads. Telstra will sell you a 200MB plan (easily exceeded) and charge you $150 for every GB you exceed. My ISP charges $3 per GB exceeded. You can get some information on different plans at whirlpool here.

    EDIT: Beware of the contract period. Telstra lock you into a 3 year contract. There are others that have 6 months or less.
  18. Thanks for your help guys, I think I am armed with a little more knowledge now :)
  19. are you, I am not at all, just bloody confused with it all.

    Am still willing to do a trade with someone who would be kind enough to sort it all out.
  20. you'll need to be a bit specific. have you a nextg phone, or modem? i.e account types.

    Really I'd call Telstra... Most of the shops are franchises, and they want the money to connect you not help you. They call me every month or so, i tell them they are too expensive, and they call me back in a month... lol