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Help please, I.T. geeks

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. I have around 6 computers at one of my schools that have all lunched their power supplies. Everything else works.

    They are SFF Optimas, and as NSW readers at least would know, Optima is in receivership, so no joy there.

    I was hoping someone might have access to, or know someone who might have access to, this splendid device.




  2. They look like standard power supplies. Can't you source new ones from a local supplier?
  3. They're about 2/3rds the size of a standard PSU by the looks. Paul, HP are infamous for using custom PSU's (much swearing) that look rather similar. Perhaps take a busted PC / PSU into a HP repair centre?
  4. Its a standard small form factor micro ATX power supply. (i.e. it doesn't have a vendor supplied non standard motherboard plug) I'm not sure about ordering locally but you can certainly order them from overseas Paul. Just google the part number and you'll find a gazillion online stores for the SS-250SFD power supply. I'm sure a few phone calls to local parts suppliers would find a similar sized power supply that would suit, or they could order them in at least.
  5. Thanks, all. I'll do a google and also take one to a local supplier and start asking my way from there.

    Netrider, your other mum :LOL:.
  6. Pack a jumper if you need to get it from Korea. I've heard it's cold this time of year.
  7. hmmm its all covered already, but its a pretty standard power supply, ebay may be a good source. i buy lot of my busted stuff from there.
  8. I haven't checked eBay yet, but I wandered down to my local PC shop and he had one on the shelf!!! $25!
  9. Yeah, they'll be about that price...

    I know that we used to use the 2/3'rd size a bit in our old cases, however they look slightly different.
    If you have no luck finding more I could ask the sales people here to chase up to see if we can find more? But they wont be an original manafacturers part.

    Alternatively, its usually a fuse or leaking capacitator thats caused the failure, someone handy with a solderign iron and a good eye, might be able to source and replace the internal parts.