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Help please! Fork seals for gpx.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by sir_b, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. Hi guys, wondering if someone could advise me.

    There's a gpx250 I'm thinking of taking a look at but the owner says it needs tyres and fork seals. I know what tyres are worth, but have no clue about the fork seals.

    Unless changing them requires special tools, the labor isn't a problem, does anyone have a ballpark figure of how much for the parts?

    Thanks guys.
  2. I think about $60 parts. But theres quite a bit of labour involved, you have to pull the whole frount of the bike apart and you do need some special tools to do it properly. :cry:
    You would probably do the steering head bearing at the same time.

    One of the more dificult jobs and dangerous if done wrong.
    I would guess its around $300 for the job.

    Tyres are about $300 total.
  3. Hmmm, thanks very much jmuzz. One of my clients/friends was a bike mechanic for 15 years (until about a year ago) and I know he has a good whack of special tools left over, but I guess I'll have to discuss it with him (haven't been able to get him on the phone tonight).

    Thanks again!
  4. Sweet, thanks Josh. Time/equipment will be the interesting thing to find out....

  5. I work for a bike shop in the country and fork seals normaly cost about $150 parts and labour for your average bike.
  6. Would it be much different to do the bearings and seals in a 95' cb250?

    Im 95% sure my seals are busted, as my forks have droped about 50mm and there is some liquid left on the forks after I push down and let them back up.

    There is also a sucking noise when I push them up and down (like it's sucking air in).

    so um.... yea what do I do?