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Help please! CBR250rr vs GT650r

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Roarn, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Hello. I'm going to see two bikes tonight/tomorrow morn. One is a pretty clean looking 1990 CBR250RR, and the other a 2010 Hyosung GT650R. Both cost the exact same, and I was just wondering which I should go for. Your help is much needed, and appreciated!

  2. Re: Help please!

    depends which one has been looked after better and what you are more comfortable on.
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    Both have been reg serviced, and taken care of as well as you can possibly ask for an online ad to show. It's my first bike, and the CBR would be the lightest of the two. However does that, its performance and brand make it a better bike than an 8000km's old bike with fuel injection? It makes me wonder..
  4. Re: Help please!

    As much as i cringe for the same money i would buy the hyosung, all else being equal.
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    Vertical C, I hold you solely responsible if this stuffs up. That is, unless we have some other views kicking in! Let's see how this feed goes..
  6. Wouldn't get either if I were you...
    Look at vtr 250 or the 250cc ninjas

    If you have to pick one of those I suppose the hyosung is the lesser of the two evils
  7. Re: Help please!

    Just because a bike is only 8000klms old compared to the CBR doesn't ensure that it's a better bike. If you know someone with bike experience, take them along with you and go over both bikes. again it can come down to what you are more comfortable riding. Also try to think with your head and not your heart. Some people get distracted by nice shiny bits on the bike when the basis of the bike may average. Both bikes are not a bad choice for your first bike. I hope you find what you want and it's a good one.
    Enjoy the ride...
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    I'm now a Kawi man, and I (like most newbies) have a thing for sportsbikes. Must be all that MotoGP I've been watching.. Cheers for the feedback though!

    And to Mr Sanders, thanks for that. I definitely will take someone far more knowledgeable to keep me thinking straight. We'll check the bikes out and I'll def have a seat on them.
  9. Re: Help please!

    +1. A 2 year old bike vs. a 22 year old 250? Do you really have to ask?
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  10. Re: Help please!

    I sure do ask.. Why else would they both sell the same, and both be quite common amongst learners? I think it's a pretty fair comparison- or rather did prior to this post! Majority says Hyosung so far, and I'm starting to lean towards it..
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    I would say broaden your options.

    What do you want from the bike, how tall/heavy are you?
    What is your budget and where are you located?

    There are some very good bikes around for learners, many of which I would personally choose before a CBR250 or a Hyosung.
  12. Re: Help please!

    Well I'm in Sydney- 175cms and about 65kg. I'm looking at anything 4500 and below- and the cheaper the better! I'm quite eager to get a bike soon, and that pretty much sums it up!
    What bikes did you have in mind?
  13. Re: Help please!

    Should find a nice VTR250 for that sort of $.
  14. Re: Help please!

    I have a vtr for sale
  15. Re: Help please!

    You can get a new Yamaha R15 for that money. Excellent learner bike, really light and handles well. Yes its 150cc but its fuel injected and is really nice to use. All learner bikes are slow so you might as well get one that handles well and few come close to the Yammy.

    CBR250RR are just getting too old; honda reliability will only get you so far. Most of have been dropped multiple times visible or not, and most have gone through owners like a $2 hooker.
  16. Re: Help please!

    Sounds like you're keen on a sports bike. Unless these examples are dirt cheap, I would +1 the idea of the Ninja 250R. You can get a late model example with minimal kms for about the same $$$. Better chance of being rock solid reliable than a 22yr old CBR or a Korean Hyo. Looks better too IMHO... although I'm somewhat biased ;)
  17. Re: Help please!

    There is a decent looking gs500 on bikesales for 3500. Would make an awesome first bike.
    There is also a couple vtr250 and hornets on there. Also zzr, gpx, all for decent prices.
  18. Re: Help please!

    vtr250 or gs500 !!
    both have the 'reliability' tag to them, get more mileage from the 500 meaning you'll have it longer then the 250..
  19. Re: Help please!

    Oh god someone has something nice to say about my bike! I'm so happy! :D I read it had good handling but never really knew that for sure; don't have much to compare to. Only really heard it on ya know, Yamaha ads/descriptions. At least there is a human opinion out there.

    OP between the two bikes you're thinking of, I -personally- would go the CBR. Love those old CBR250RRs and would like one myself. Half of it is just image and general "I think I'm cool" douchebag factor (who doesn't want that? Especially when they're starting out), and half is that it's one of the "crazier" (as far as that's possible) learner bikes. But everyone else suggests otherwise so whatev. :p I don't know much about the other bike you're looking at but the Honda will hold its value...
  20. Re: Help please!

    i ride a hyosung 650R. they are a great learners bike and are very forgiving. Apart from all the shit they get from people, they are pretty good rides and have a good motor, but the electrics aren't the best. If its out of warranty, i would recommend upgrading the regulator rectifier & the stator to a mosfet one.

    there's www.korider.com its a hyosung only forum and you'll find out heaps about the bike. porblems and the fixes.

    Out of the two, i'd recommend the Hyosung. Biased, i know, but the twin sounds much better than that high revving bike with a tinny sound.

    edit: mine's fuel injected as well