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Help please! Battery woes. Flat and can't remove it...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Silmaril, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    So went to fire my GS500 up for the first time in aaages.

    Flat battery, not a huge surprise.

    Drama begins-

    Pull seat off to remove battery and charge it up. But, it's a cheap battery my Dad bought, with the terminals at 90 degrees to the original, so when we installed it, we had to bend the connectors and generally faff around with it to make it fit.
    Downside now is the screw heads are basically mashed and impossible to turn - so I can't remove the leads.

    I'll roll start it thinks I. Push bike to nearest hill, and roll down, get speed, clutch out in 2nd gear, engine turns but bike slows to nothing. Fark.
    I push bike to top of the hill and try again. (Choke on, primed the fuel tap for a few seconds) Engine turns over and I think I'm good, but it cuts out again. Argh. Push bike to top of hill (just about killed me, almost induced a heart attack) and back to my driveway.

    Can I attach the charger to the battery while still connected to the leads? Or am I going to fry something badly by doing this?

    I'm moving house on Thurs so am on a deadline to get it going :(

    Any thoughts?
  2. you might have to leave it there :rofl:

    are the screw heads also hex heads, (most are) and if so, can you get a small spanner onto them?

    as a cautionary tale, this takes some beating; the cheap battery is now starting to cost you.....
  3. Lol, hoping not to leave it behind!!

    They are hex heads yep, but what with the lead terminals having annoying 90 degree lips, no chance of getting a spanner on. Best I can get is needle nose pliers on, but not enough to then turn the nut with the smallest adjustable spanner I could find in the hardware.

    I totally agree, should have gone with the better battery :(

    So options -
    Have been reading about jump starting from the car - some internet (font of so much ****) articles say car off, some say on.

    Also just went to the hardware and picked up an arlec trickle charger - but it also advises removing the leads before charging. I am thinking I could get away with using the Low trickle setting and connect it to the battery while still connected to the bike's electricals?

    How would I go cutting the leads and then rejoining them with crimp bullet connector thingies? Only the leads are bloody thick...
  4. Yeah you'll be fine with attaching battery charger with leads attached. Do it to my GS all the time.

    Also just had a quick look at me GS it might be possible to remove the metal battery holder by undoing the 3 bolts securing it and hence then allow you better access to the bolts.

    Good luck.
  5. Just pull your main fuse out to protect the bike circuit if thats what worries you, and charge it leads on.
  6. As others have said you can charge it with the leads on, just leave your bike switched off (or pull the main fuse if you're feeling paranoid).

    You could jump start it from a car, I would not have the car running as a car battery is large enough that it isn't needed to get the cranking current but that won't charge your battery properly.

    Better to use a charger or better still to replace the dead battery somehow :)
  7. Thanks all.

    Will pull the fuse tomorrow and hook the charger up.

    Next service, I'll ask the mechanic to pull the battery and replace with a proper one!
  8. If it is dead flat, trickle charger may not have enough oomph to start it charging. If it doesn't try the jump start with the car battery, so you can move the bike and then sort it out after.
  9. As others have said, dont worry about the leads being attached. have done this many times on my GPX :D
  10. Trickle charger has a high and low setting switch, so could start it on high for a bit.

    That said, there's enough charge in it to make the engine whirr whirr cough for a bit, so don't think the battery's too dead.
  11. Yes, but isn't it impossible to kill a GPX?!
  12. Ive seen one folded around a tree (rider walked away). GPX's can be killed :p.
    Mate of mine is fair weather rider and has a solar trickle charger on his garage (north facing) north facing window so it gets a little charge each day. Done it for 4 years on the same battery and fires up every time (gives it a start and roll around the block a few times every month though to get any moisture out of the engine etc).
    Its on a gaytona 955i. He doesnt bother disconnecting anything.