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Help Please (ADL)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Owen, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. Hey people, as some of you may know, i live in adelaide, and came off my bike the other night because someone cut me off in the rain. Just wondering if there are any mechanics or such in the adeladie area who may be able to take a quick look at my bike and tell me what it is i need to fix and how i could go about it. Im a flat broke uni student so im not sure if i can dodgy it and just bend all the stuff back the way it should be??

    Thanks people, Owen 8)
  2. hope someone can help you out there owen!
  3. Hey Owen,

    I have a mate who may be able to help, I'll ask some questions and see what i can do... Where abouts are you again mate? Do you have a trailer/ute available?
  4. I live on campus at flinders uni. I could maybe get hold of a ute. If its not too far i could probably even ride the bike there.
  5. Ah ok, if its still rideable thats cool, i'll go have a word to him tonight and find out when's best for him... He lives by TTP, you ok to ride there??? I'll meet you at your campus if you like and escort ya if the bike feels dodgy...

    Any chance you can make it to coffee wednesday night mate? Some of the guys there might even be able to help too...
  6. hows the repairs going owen??