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Help! please 1198s

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by john300, Aug 15, 2015.

  1. Hi All,
    One of my mates owns a 2009 1198s Ducati.Anyway problem warning light appears on dash making bike unable to start. It does not occur everytime.Which is making hard to figure out.If anyone else has suffered the same or any ideas would be excellent thank you.
    Hope it makes sense

  2. Get the error code it brings up when the light comes on. I think ?? there is a menu button or scoll button that allows you to get that.
  3. he gunna have a look thanks cjvfr
  4. code says immo37.5
  5. Needs more coffee
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  6. Going to need a whole can for a ducati.
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  7. thanks pompy I think its whiskey not coffee he needs
  8. As long as the bike is on display :whistle:
  9. 37.5 Immobiliser (key not recognised)

    Try another key.
    Alternatively it could be the sensor ring around the key barrel that is failing and need replacement. I think they have a Master/Slave key arrangement so try the Red key. Don't ride with it though if you lose it you are screwed.
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  10. Meanwhile don't ride further than you are willing to push home
  11. dude
    hes on a ducati
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  12. trying to start someone else's bike at the café? :D
  13. Looks like it's Saturday Funnies night tonight..

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  14. thanks cjvfr will tell him today hopefully that sorts out problem.
  15. 8-|Thanks everyone problem fixed antenna for key had slipped down the barrel all good thanks again :ROFLMAO::D:ROFLMAO:
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