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HELP..petrol on paint not a good mix

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by virgin biker, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. on my way to work i was filling up and looking behind me to c the litres and acccidenly sprayed by bike tank with fuel. ....D'oh .....now it has stained the paint does anyone know how to get this petrol stain off or am i screwed :(

  2. Did you wash it off right away with some water?
  3. Unfourtunetly if it is a cheaper single pack Acrylic or Alkyd laquer (And based on your sig it is a 250 so I am assuming it is) you might have ruined the paint a little bit. The acrylic laquers while known for the gloss, cheapness and good weatherability have somewhat poor solvent (ie petrol) resistance. Just a nature of the resin involved I'm afraid.

    You could try to wait and give it a little buff and polish and hopefully it has only ruined the top few surface layers of resin and not penetrated the paint film too far.

    Newer paint systems tend to run a 2 pack crosslinked resin (Epoxy, Polyester, MF, theres plenty) which have far better solvent resistant properties.

    Sorry to be the bearer of some bad news.
  4. Tryed to wash it off straight away with water several times and tryed to use towel but the water just beaded off stupid petrol
  5. You might find that the stain might go away on its own.
  6. Try Kitten 'Cut N Polish' :wink: :)
  7. Try a dollop of C4 :grin:
  8. What is it with you? Is there any problem you haven't tried to solve with explosives? :LOL: :LOL:
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  11. Did you know that a Harley’s paintjob is applied electrostatically like powder coating, this procedure makes the coating fuel resistant, and some even say that Harley stock paint will stop a .357 Magnum.
    Harley-Davidson Motorcycles > Strong like Bull :LOL:
  12. You're volunteering a harley to take a clip of bullets? (No, I swear it will test how "Hardcore" the bike is, and no, I won't take pleasure in destroying it :p)
  13. Sure, how else are they going to get paint to stick to rust :p :LOL:.
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    I knew it was an impostor who said something nice about a Suzuki in another thread... :LOL:
  15. Do you know how many coats of paint the bike has?

    The easiest way would be to lightly rub the stained section back to the next layer of paint and give it a clear coat over the top to bring back the gloss.

    May need to do the whole panel though - I have no idea how a patch would compare, and it would depend greatly on the quality of the paint and the sanding job.