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Help!! PC Problem (fixed... thanks guys!)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Azz, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. edit: PC fixed now :cool:

    Hey guys,

    My dads PC won't load past this screen... ie doesn't even get to the Windows Welcome Screen :?


    Got absolutely no idea what the problem is, and yes "I've tried turning it off and on again" :LOL:

    PC is running Windows XP, can post up other info if needed?

    Anyone have any idea where to start trouble shooting??
  2. Re: Help!! PC Problem

    - from your photo less likely to be Causes 2,4,5,6,7
    - more likely to be Cause 1 or 3
    - ask you Dad what he was doing/did just before the failure
    - if he says 'nothing', then points again to Cause 1 or 3
    - easy check for Cause 3

    Computer stops at verifying dmi pool data.

    This issue can be caused by any of the below reasons.

    1. Corrupt boot files on the computer.
    2. Settings for hard disk drive are not correct.
    3. Floppy diskette or CD in computer causing issue.
    4. Boot devices not set properly.
    5. BIOS corrupt or misc. setting not set properly.
    6. Connections loose or disconnected.
    7. Bad Hard disk drive or other bad hardware.

  3. Any beep codes? Number of beeps tells you various things.

    Check Hard drive cables are OK. Reseat them to make sure. If Parallel IDE drive cables then try a replacement cable if you have them.

    Check that the floppy disk cable and all expansion cards are seated properly in their slots.
    Set the Drive setting to Auto Detect as this error can be caused by incorrect drive layout tables.

    Hope that helps. Good Luck.
  4. Thanks for that, been frantically searching some forums to work out what was going on but hadn't found anything relevant til your post... cheers :cool:

    My dads PC booted up fine earlier today but it completely froze and had to be restarted with the button on the front of the tower... that's the first time the Computer stops at verifying dmi pool data :?

    I checked to make sure there was nothing in the CD or floppy drives and there wasn't so that counts that out... so my guess is that it's probably Cause 1, but mine is a very uneducated guess :oops: :LOL:
  5. somewhat worrying its missing a p in "capability"

    Last time I had characters go missing on that screen turned out to be a hardware issue.
  6. (from the school of ....... try this, did it work?)

    dudd IDE lead, or graphics card. Hey i aint an expert but seen this error more than a few times, bad GPU makes the screen "freeze" at any point in the boot/start=up cycle. I'm using an educated guess of course ;)
  7. Thanks guys for the posts... the PC is fixed now :grin:

    I frantically searched various forums and found some tips for repairing the problem my PC had and after restoring the master boot record and checking the hard disks didn't fix the problem I restored the BIOS to default and that fixed it *PHEW*