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Help PC is infected!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Doggy, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. Hi all. I think my home PC is infected by something you would pickup in a Thai nightclub. :?

    I was chatting to a mate on MSN and I thought "well it's time to check e-mail". Opened outlook express and thought hmm it's checking a funny email account "000001" or some crap. Then it started sending bulk emails. Nothing seemed to happen in outlook but Nortons email scanner went tropo scanning a shit load of outgoing mail. Mail I didn't send...

    So I disconnected from the net and shut down. Restarted and tried to scan PC with Nortons AV 2006. No good Nortons is now stuffed too and won't start. Says to Uninstall and try again. So I do. "Unable to verify signature" do you want to continue with install" Fark yeah. No good Nortons won't play the game now (tried like 5 times) and I think there is funny mail accounts in my Outlook now too. I also can't "search for files" through explorer. It comes up with an error. All these things seem like a little nastie trying not to get found?

    I only just revovered from a previous format due to not having a virus scanner. Bought Nortons 2006 and have been ok since, until bloody last night that is. Oh BTW I'm running XP Pro with all updates from MS except the service packs cause they don't work on my version :roll: . Bali is fun...

    I'm about ready to copy all my fav stuff to DVD and then nuke the frackin thing.


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  3. :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Sorry shouldn't laugh but

    MSN and outlook , man you need to hang a sign on your door saying

    lookie lookie $1 love you long time :oops: :oops:
  4. I vote for copy and nuke.... only TRUE way to get an untouched system back... sucks to be your pc man :(
  5. Just create a new admin user account in control panel.. Transfer multimedia files and anything else you want.... then delete the other user account... easy as to do. need help PM me.

  6. So if Outlook and MSN suck so bad what does eveyone else use?


    Exactly how do I format the bugger. Last time I tried I ended up with two versions of XP installed and I had to take it to an IT friend to fix. Don't want to ask him again as I might wear out my friendship. I really need to Geek it up some more and learn to do these things but I'm more interested in:

    Games work?

    Email arrives,

    Can surf for p0rn,

    Then thats a what a PC is all about. :shock:
  7. I'm guessing you have a somewhat not legal copy of windows, if this is the case, my prognosis is that if you don't have any of the patches provided by MS, The Security on your computer is about as effective as using a bucket made out of gauze. :LOL:

    Sounds like you have a virus/es that exploit these security flaws in windows (the flaws that the Service Packs repair)

    There is ways around such things :twisted:

    Get a hold of the patches to circumvent the MS checks that are preventing you from updating your computer, then format/reinstall and apply the patches, immediatley install your anti-virus and then go directly to Microsoft Update and get all the Critical updates. Then keep Windows and Anti-virus up to date and then you can surf safely, without them, you're computer will turn into a spawning point for all these replicating virues and your computer will run like S@#%.

    Or you could buy a legitimate copy of Windows? :idea:
  8. Can your computer Boot from a CD? if so have a look at this

    If not, I'm still in the process of finding an easy site to explain how to do it putting your disk in once windows is running, I'll get back to ya...
  9. You can use Mozilla or Firefox to replace both Explorer and also Outlook.

    I think that both Mozilla & Firefox are free ???
  10. I bought my copy of Windows from a shop. Not in this country maybe but anyway... :roll:

    I've had the auto update set and it's D/L and installed all the critical updates that come out. I'm pretty pissed that Nortons just sat there with it's thumb up it's azz though. Yes I did pay for Nortons and I had hoped it would work. Oh well new Nortons seem to be like old Nortons (little bike joke there hehehe).

    I like the idea of copying across everything I want to keep and nuke it from orbit so I'll find out how to do it properly if the online scan dosen't work tonight.

    Thanks for all the non-joke replies :wink:
  11. Mozilla makes Firefox, and It is free, but that won't solve all your problems without the MS Service packs I'm sorry.
    :arrow: http://www.mozilla.com/
    Use Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer and
    Mozilla Thunderbird instead of Outlook

    Sorry to sound Nerdy on this one, but I'm a software Engineer (Computer Nerd) :LOL: and I know what your going through you poor bugger!
  12. Mozilla Thunderbird for Outcrap and GAIM for M$N ... and yeah Mozilla Firefox for Internet Exploder does the job .... and OpenOffice for M$ Office . :twisted:
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  14. I've never been a fan of norton anti virus.

    Until recently I never bothered with any virus protection I was always OK with doing a rebuild (good excuse to lay down the OS nice and neat again).

    Now I use AVG which is free, and seems to be OK (doesn't interfere with other apps like I have seen nortons do, and uses less resource than nortons used to do. not sure if 2006 is any better)

    Firewall and safe net usage is your best defence I reckon.

    Oh yeah....
    When surfing the p0rn sites and you click on something that opens a dialogue box. Never click yes, or ok. ;-)
    usually best to alt-f4 that sucker.
  15. On windows:
    Firefox for surfing (free)
    Thunderbird for email (free)
    Trillian for instant messaging (free version available)

    On mac:
    Adium X
    all free.
  16. I know the latest thing is to use non-microsoft products. But i gotta say, i have never had any problems with respect to viruses, and i use Win XP, Office 2003 etc. I don't do any instant messaging. Have Norton but it does seem to take up a lot of precessor power (what is better?).
  17. Because everybody else is stupid :shock: Many recent studies show that a large percent of windows systems are compromised, hence the mass of spam around the world.

    MSN is the work of satan, really I don't know of any clean windows install where the user uses IE to p0rn surf and MSN to chat to hot chix (40 y/o men).

    If you only use it for web access checkout knoppix.
  18. Same here. Firefox, Thunderbird and Trillian.
    NOD32 for AV, Sygate for FW, Spybot S&D and AdAware for Anti-spam.
    System Mechanic for general performance.
    And never... ever... open pop-ups or spam.
    Been virus free for a long time :)
  19. I use XP with all the updates except for the various language updates, and I run Avast anti virus with Zonealarm. Also have adaware for the cookies.

    Not only both computers at home are configured like this but all 13 where I work. Those computers have Nortons. Updates for the databases are set for 8am and to do missed database updates within 8 hrs daily.

    I suppose because there is little or no p0rn type surfing done and MSN is not loaded (banned) we have little exposure to virus attack.

    I'm not positive but if I was to go to suspect sites, I might try to create a restore point first. Then the computer might be able to be restored to before the attack if the anti virus software missed.


    Edit: I use MS Office 2003 updated. There are also lots of other programs as well.
  20. I hate NAV.
    It's terrible.
    Wastes SOOO much system resources.

    NOD32 ( http://www.nod32.com.au/nod32/home/home.htm ) picks up everything thrown at it, is constantly updated and never causes a fuss. Taking up a whole 6MB of my RAM at the moment.