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Help on deciding :|

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by shadowarrior, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. Hello guyz,
    Well, am all new to the australian biking world.
    I had been riding for over 10years in India.
    I currently own a 2006 Royal Enfield Thunderbird, a 1981 Yezdi CL2, and a 1983 Yamaha RD-350 HT.

    Now to the question...
    I shifted to melbourne a couple of months back, and after a lot of enquiry, I realized I cud'nt import any of my bikes in here now. So I decided to buy a good second hand bike, without spending much, and use it till i save up enough for one of the new bike models I am looking at.

    I was looking for a CBR125 second hand on the net, when I came across two ads at bikesales which caught my eye
    One was a Honda CBR250RR 1994 model, and the other was a Suzuki GSX600F 1990 model.
    The CBR has done 54k kms while the Suzuki has done 33k kms.
    (I could post in links of those two bike ads if anybody wants to refer to them)

    I am 25 years old, 6feet tall. So fitting into the bikes doesnt seem like a problem for me.

    I hadn't been a "sports bike" rider all this while, so this transformation might take some time to adjust on.
    I wanted to know which one would be a good deal to get, taking into consideration the availibility and cost of their parts.

    I am looking for something just to commute around, and with a low budget (2000) those two did seem to fit in the place.
    The ads though stated that they dont have rego or rwc...and some lil defects.
    the cbr has :
    - a bit of fairing damage
    - a lil wobble on the front wheel
    - the user states that the bike has been dropped

    the gsx has :
    - a bit of fairing damage
    - maybe needs a new battery since the bike hasnt been started for 3 months.

    I would appreciate if someone helps me out in this. Which of the two bikes is an easy hassle free machine for regular commuting. Also, how important is RWC, (sorry i have no clue about these things).

    And is there any other good places where I could look for some second hand bikes within my budget?

    Thanks in advance....
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  3. How much are you spending? I'm sure you can do better than either of those for your purposes.

    RWC (roadworthy certificate) is something either the seller has to get or you have to get. It costs around $50, unless there's somethign wrong like the discs are too thin or the brake light doesn't work, in which case you have to fix it before you get the RWC. Try to get the seller to get it - then if there's any surprises THEY have to deal with it not you.
  4. ouh, that 3.5k is well off my budget...dont have that much saved with me yet :| The bike looks real nice though.

    I contacted the Suzuki guy, he says, the rear tyre just needs to be changed to get a RWC... and he is willing to throw in a new rear tyre. I sould just ask him to do the RWC too i think.
    How much does rego cost for bikes ? Any other costs I need to pay to ride a bike here? I think theres insurance cost too ?

    I am not much concerned about the scratched fairings, as long as they aint smashed or long ugly scratches. Even still, I could just run the bike naked...
    I just want a bike which doesnt have any problems in it's engine...or electricals and i can get parts easily (preff. cheap too)

    I know $2000 is a very low budget to look for bikes...thats why i wanted to maybe try for a cbr125, considering the brand new ones come for $3500 these days.

    Do we still get Suzuki GSX600F parts in melbourne ? I was told by the Honda showroom that CBR250RRs parts are hard to get and needs to be exported, hence cost a lot too. Is that true ?
  5. btw, what are those minichoppers ??
    they seem to cost preety low $(1k-1.5k)
    I guess they are 125cc. Since am just looking for something to commute within the city, are they a good option ? Or would i get frustrated riding them ?
  6. :LOL:

    125cc choppers are for kids toys & they arent street legal. You'd be
    lucky to reach 40km/h.

    So not a good option & yes, you'd be frustrated if the Police catch you
    on the road riding one.

    BTW, $1500 for a chopper is a rip off.

    If you still want one, grab this one for $900. That will leave you $1100
    to spend up big on a stackhat & leathers :)

    http://rockymtnmotorsports.com/125cc DIABLO CHOPPER PAGE.htm

  7. lol..40kmph !! gaah...
    hmmm.. naah aint worth it if it aint road legal.
    btw, i kinda like that gsx600f.... :|
    how good are the availibility of parts for it though.
  8. Buy my GS500E! :grin:

    Heh, I'm still hunting for a suitable replacement, and when it's time to sell, it'll be a li'll above yr budget anyways (around $2.5k).

    On your shortlist:
    1) I'd discount the CBR125 right away. If you've been riding bigger bikes, you'll get bored with the 125 within a week, mark my words
    2) sitting on a CBR250 isn't the same as riding it around. Way back ('95 I recall) I test-rode a RGV250, it's a 2-stroke "race-replica". Just 3minutes riding it "round the block" I had a sore (L) wrist, (R) shoulder and lower back!! The riding position takes some getting used to. ... I bought the bike anyway!! The CBR isn't as radical, but if you're going to commute (how far is yr daily distance ridden), I suggest you ride it around to convince yourself the riding posture is suitable for you for xxx minutes everyday.
    3) GSX600 sounds ideal. What's the mileage reading on the odometer?

    Note: You need to factor in rego (annual registration) costs, I think for the GSX, it is in excess of $500, as well as insurance.

    Also, I'm not sure if 2) & 3) are quite within that budget of $2k that you have, not unless they're really high-milers or poor shape.

  9. The engine in the GSX600F is about as reliable and trouble-free as a motorcycle could possibly get. Parts should not be an issue since regular consumables like filters are common with the 750F which was till sold here new up until last year. The 600F also has a big following in the US (where it was sold as a 600 Katana) so if there was anything that couldn't be found here you could soon order it online.
    Be sure to check the Suzuki very carefully though, since it's quite likely that 33k mileage is actually 133k.
    If the CBR is an import there's no guarantee that's it's original odometer, though it's unlikely to be 155k since it's unlikely a high-revving 250 would last that long.
    If you're mechanically competent and have a limited budget I'd recommend buying something older and simpler - like an earlier GS/GSX.
    Try looking in the Trading Post (www.tradingpost.com.au) - that tends to be where you find most of the cheaper, older stuff.
  10. Have a look at this, you might provide a learned opinion: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=54602&start=30
    +1 with the GSX...bulletproof.
  11. hmmm, the guy did put up a pic of the odo reading 33k.....what other ways would it be to check his odo reading :|
    though a 18yr old bike just doing 33k km does sound a bit strange.

    Well, I been checking in tradingpost also...and i decided to put aside my plans of buying a bike for the next 2 months. I should have a budget of around 4k by then, and i guess i would have a wider choice of bikes available for me.

    I really appreciated the advice you guys gave me, and am gonna need more of them in 2months time. But am gonna stick around the forums still and take part in the discussions :)

    Thanks again to all of you for helping me out.