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Help on claim dispute

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by golvellius, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. Hi There,

    So my 2005 1100XX got backed into while parked, lady owned up, swapped information, insurance happy no problems so far and won't affect my rating at all. Right side fairing scratched badly, front mudguard and fairing a couple of scratches, indicator cowling deep scratches, pegs, exhaust, all up over 5K worth of damage.

    Bike got assessed by my repairer the same as I wanted it and basically it is stored undercover either in garage or at work, in immaculate condition and is less than 12 months old (bought it new in Dec 05)

    Insurance assessor says paint all the bits, but I want them replaced (RHS fairing, mudguard and indicator covers) especially with the care I've taken to make sure the fairing is unmarked.

    Now I've never had comphrehensive insurance before but I would have thought that if a bike is in perfect nick, painting damaged fairing wouldn't enough, it's pretty clear to me when a bike had had a repair paint job (opinions welcome).

    So how would you recommend telling em to politely stick it and make sure it is replaced and not painted. Do I have a case to be asking that, I was thinking of selling it soon do you think that would help?

    I know about the internal dispute resolution but want to see if I can negotiate this away before it gets to that.