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Help on buying 2nd hand Honda NSR150SP

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by kurichigo, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. Im a beginner motorcyclist and Im looking to buy a 2nd hand NSR150SP. IV been looking around the forums to find out what things to look out for when buying a 2nd hand bike. Find most of it a bit confusing for someone like me who doesnt know much about bikes.

    So could you guys tell me what things i need to look out for when i go inspect it?

  2. You have set an almost impossible task if you:

    a) don't know much about bikes

    b) don't know anything about NSR150s.

    What is your budget?

    I would suggest one in as new condition with low mileage.

    You can buy them with under 10k - ours has less than 6k - and providing they are in immaculate order you probably have a good deal. You should be able to pay less than $4,000.

    Look for scratches, scuffs, screws or other fittings missing or broken,

    Are the levers straight?

    Is the fairing or screen cracked?

    Is the chain clean and properly lubed - no oil flung all over the rear wheel, or shiny rollers on the chain.

    Is the chain worn, so that the rollers do not sit in the bottom of the teeth at the leading and lagging edges of the sprocket?

    Does it start easily - third kick from cold, first kick from hot?

    Are there any tinkling rattles from the engine? They make a growling, rumbling noise at idle or when revving, but any sort of tinkling rattle, even just when cold, indicates a badly worn piston, or worse.

    Do all the lights and indicators work? Remember that any broken or inoperative parts indicate poor maintenance, a sloppy owner, or worse, a butcher! Most parts for an NSR150 are very cheap, because they were made in Thailand. Engine and gearbox parts excepted...

    All the best

    Trevor G

    PS We might be persuaded to part with our as new, 5,500 km NSR for some real money... ;-)
  3. Hi, firstly nice choice of bike :) There is a thread here that should help you get some ideas: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=4379
    What i looked for when i bought mine was frame, forks, bodywork, check inside your tank for rust, i would also let it get checked by someone with some experience as this may safe you some $$. Hope all goes well and you find a nice nsr. Cheers
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  5. And don't forget to check the remaining tyre tread, they cost $150-200 to replace the set ;)
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  7. He's missing a bolt on the right side behind the front seat :p
  8. I'm missing that bolt too!!! Someone stole it from me the other week!!?!?!?!??!
    I think it was another NSR owner around the area.....
  9. I lost the big flat screw just near it because I didn't tighten it enough after taking out the battery. It's probably in some poor sod's tyre and now I check that all my screws are in tight every few weeks.

    Any luck yet kurichigo?
  10. I'm not sure what the maintenance schedule for the NSR is in terms of when to rebuild the top-end but factor this in when looking at bikes with around 15-20k km's on the clock..

    A rebuild kit isn't very expensive at all (under $100, plus shipping) from Tyga Performance - I got quoted $265 from a Honda dealer. Of course you'll be up for labour too if you're not confident with the spanners.
  11. I just bought an NSR150SP with 19,000km's on the clock for $2000.

    pretty good condition except for a very small 10c coin sized ding on the side of the tank and the right break lever was bent a little bit, bent it back and all is good.
  12. Nice score quantocks, welcome to the club ;)
  13. thats an awesome deal, where did u get it from?