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HELP! no reverse lights on my car!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Androo, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. my car is going in for a rwc check tomorrow (friday), but I have no hope since I
    havent been able to get the reverse lights working. this is what happens:

    - in any gear except reverse - the reverse light globe terminals show 0V and a circuit to ground/chassis (no globes installed)

    - in reverse with no globes installed - terminals show 12V

    - in reverse with globes installed - wires show 4-5V, globes do not light at all

    it seems like some part of the circuit has decided to go high resistance...
    bad connection or something? but I'm not sure where to look

    the car is an 86 celica...
  2. I've got no reverse lights on Bond either! froflmao! Sorry mate but my best guess wiuld be contact an auto elec!
  3. sorry mate i have no constructive input except

    1. its a celica
    2. whats it matter you probably dont look behind you when you back anyway :LOL:
  4. I can do auto-elec, but I cant find a wiring diagram anywhere :?

    1. really?

    2. actually it was really annoying! I was trying to parallel park and I'm sticking
    my head out the window trying to see :p
  5. Don't auto elec's have access to wiring diagrams?
  6. hard wire it on and place in a switch , then when he says put it in reverse , flick the switch at the same time
  7. Sounds too dodgy Glen as the owners are rarely included in the RWC process!
  8. true, but I still cant get it done before tomorrow... I was hoping someone on
    one of the forums would know :(
  9. remote controlled perhaps? I'll just use the remote boot release circuit :p