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Help - No practise/should I go for License

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Sawmill, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Just realised my Vic Learners is running out at the end of the month.

    Due to a new baby ( + wife & baby going back into hospital ), i haven't have the time to get a bike and practice.

    Should I do the 4hr License course, or leave it. I didn't have any issues getting my learners and I cycle almost every day to work (not that its related) so I have confidence in my balance and turning/avoidance skills.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Many Thanks
  2. For me this is the biggest flaw in our system. That people can get their learners and then not ride before getting their license.

    In saying that I would definitly go for my license if I were you.
  3. If it comes to it, you may also be able to get an extension, although I have no experience with getting one myself.
  4. You could always hire a bike for a weekend, and just get some comfort and practice in riding a bike.

    If you are unsure of your riding ability, try applying for the 8hr course, so you get more airtime on the bike, before going for the test
  5. when i got my licence, i watched a dude with absolutely no skill, go for his licence.

    he started the day on a CB250, he got about 20cm via a bunnyhop/stall, so the instructor put him on a scooter, and he then proceeded to near on run into all of us during the day, and in the end... HE PASSED?!?!?!?!?!?!

    to this day i am dumbfounded about it.

    if you passed the L's, you'll be right... going by what i've seen pass both the L's and the full licence test!
  6. I agree with Zilly

    go for the longer course to give you more time to perfect your skills before hitting the nerve racking part

    Good luck

  7. Do the full day course even if you're fairly confident. Instructors love failling people who just turn up for the test :)
    The license test is easier than the L's test. :wink:
  8. I'd go the FULL day course as Bare Minimum
  9. Go for it.

    While I am over 30, I went to a RTA office near my "home" address and did my L's, then booked and did my P test which consisted of around the block each way, u turn, slow ride, fast ride and emergency brake. Total time on bike between L's and P test (which for me meant full bike license) was under 1 hour. This was earlier this year.

    That being said, I know my limitations and still regard myself as a learner and will ride accordingly.

    Due to lack of parking around Civic (and soon the free parking over at the footsol courts will go) I'll be riding into work on my son's GPX250 and parking in the basement at work.
  10. The P licence is actually easier than the learners ...upon sayin that I would go the refresher course first though ....
  11. Did the same as you 5 years ago - had my l's but due to new baby never found time or money to get a bike and I let them lapse.

    Really regretted it. Am only now getting my act together and doing them again.

    Give it a go, you'll get the experience of the test at least.
  12. You may want to check in your State but i'm fairly sure here in SA you get 3 attempts at the test..therefore why not have a crack - at the very least if you fail (unlikely), you'll know what to expect and ace it second time round.
  13. Depending on where you work, there is plenty of bike parking around Civic. You just need to get in a bit earlier than usual, but I never had an issue with parking (ride outside my work! :) )
  14. Thanks everyone for your advice which I have followed.

    Booked in for the 8hr course at Motorcycle Motion Saturday week

    Fingers Crossed

  15. Just an update.

    I took all your advice and did the full day course at Motorcycle Motion and PASSED!!!!!

    Observations & What worked for me:

    1) Listen to the instructors & do exactly what they say....they are more experienced than what you will ever be

    2) The license test is easy, but follow the instructors advice and DONT anticipate the light box even if its your last run at it

    3) Do the test within your limits, you'll still pass.

    4) If you havent had much practice on a motorbike like myself, get your pushbike out and start riding and practise emergency braking, swerves, counter steering and curves. I know i'll have my critics here on this point but i saw it like a pilot flying on a simulator, its not the same but its as close as youll get. It worked for me anyway and even though I hadnt riden for 1 year, i was more competent than most and I brought this down to being an experience cyclist.

    Cheers all
  16. Congrats on passing. Now get some practice :wink: