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HELP no oil pressure on my zx6

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Eric, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. Hi, I'm after some ideas/hints what i can do to check the oil presure on my 96 zx6.
    i'm not certian if its the oil pumps as it was playing up, so before i spend some serious cash on getting teh thing fixed, does anyone have any ideas on clearing the oil ports?

    I know nothing is getting to the top of the engine as its noisy up there!!!!

  2. Drain the oil.

    Leave the filter in.

    Put diesel fuel in instead of oil and warm the bike up.

    Diesel has detergent in it and will help disolve any blockages.

    Drain and replace with oil
  3. :shock: I've never heard of that one before! quite a clever trick by the sounds of it. Is there any risk of "dieseling"??

    Josh =0)
  4. Thanks for the tip, but after spending the weekend playing with the bike, burping the engine etc i found that the oil pump is sexually damaged as nothing comes out! Appears the shaft no longer wants to play. On the brightside its only a $60 part.
  5. Used to be a trick with old motors like Holden red motor. Some people used to drive around for a week with it in.

    I wouldn't have and I certainly wouldn't be putting something as highly tuned as a motor bike engine, under any sort of serious load.

    Put it in, warm up. Maybe blip the throttle a bit, but thats all.
  6. Here's hoping there's no other damage.

    How far did you ride the bike after you noticed the lack of oil pressure?
  7. Please don't use plain diesel as a lubricant, it won't work. The CORRECT way to do this is 50/50 diesel oil and a 10w engine oil. Run for 10 mins at IDLE ONLY and drain oil. Repeat several times, changing the oil filter each time.
    However, if it is a sudden problem, I doubt it would work.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. How would one notice a lack of oil pressure??
  9. The oil pressure warning light comes on?
    Or better still, the oil pressure guage shows a low reading.

    Unfortunately, on modern close-tolerance machines, the oil pressure light is often not so much "Hey, your oil pressure is a bit low" as "Hey, you just fu(|<ed your engine!"
  10. Yeah i figured a warning light would come on but like you said, it seems that by the time someone realises that the pressure is low it's too late. Therefore i thought maybe there was something else to look out for?
  11. It would depend when teh oil light came on I guess. At idle should be fine. In fact I have owned several engines that would flicker the oil light on and off at very hot idle.
    I'd say if you were cruising nuder light load and chopped the engine when you saw the light, you would be O.K.
    And given teh number of roller bearings in mst bike engines, it shouldn't be immediately catastrophic, at least, not like it would be in a plain bearing engine.
    Cams and valve gear wil tolerate lack of lubrication for a short time, but cylinder bores would be the big issue.

    Regards, Andrew.