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Help Ninja 300 - Almost stolen South Yarra

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by rye, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Some idiot tried to steal my bike Saturday night. They shoved a knife into the ignition and broke the steering lock. The metal knife broke off and is now lodged in the ignition.

    Anyone else had this happen ?
    Is there another way to start the bike ?
    Is there a cheap way to fix the bike without using inssurance ?
    How do you protect the ignition from future attempts ?

  2. Wow that's fcuked man. On the bright side I think you've set a record for the first 300 to be jacked (or attempted at).

    Anyway what you could do, if it doesn't have an immobilizer, which I don't think it does, is hot wire it. Look for the wires coming out of the ignition barrel and trace them to the socket/plug downstream. Disconnect the plug and bridge the connections on the socket.

    Here's a video.

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  3. Cheers guys, Im considering using insurance and paying 400 excess.

    Getting a new ignition from ebay will cost 150 then I need to get a locksmith to rekey to fit my exisiting keys to avoid carrying two keys and a mechanic to replace and fit. It seems like it will come close to 400 anyway.

    Only advantage will be saving my no claim bonus.....
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    I wouldn't use insurance. Cost me about $50 all up for the same thing for my Aprilia, and my CBR250R. Both came to me in very poor (read: wrecked) condition but I got them going for peanuts.

    Check how the stock unit looks and then if its the same as below then you'll be out of trouble for $35 plus about $20 for the locksmith:


    Like I said, I've done it before and its not terribly hard or expensive.

    Cheers - boingk

    EDIT: I'd just carry two keys mate. Stuff the locksmith on this one. If anything buy a 'complete lock set' for your bike and it'll come with locks and keys for the underseat and ignition - I did that with my CBR and for my Aprilia I had to refit the tanklock and just carried a seperate key for that now I remember.
  5. You need to consider that it may happen again.

    Can you park the bike in a more secure area?
    A bike cover makes the temptation less and the ability to get at the lock more time consuming.
    Disk lock with Alarm perhaps.
    A better lit area if it is on the street?
    A sticker to say the bike is under video surveillance, whether it is or not.

    Nothing you can do will make a bike totally secure, all you can do is make it more time consuming to steal. It looks like the work of amateurs not pros so simple dissuasion can work to make them move on to the next shiny object.

    Commiserations on the damage.
  6. Where was it parked?
    Any other security?
  7. It was parked in a secure garage on the ground floor, there is CCTV cameras on the entrance and first floor, but not on the spot where I park the bike. Ive reported to police and body corp but both are taking their sweet time to review the footage.

    Im thinking of squeezing it beside my car space as I know there is CCTV camera directly above. I have a bike cover and thinking of getting a disc lock as well. I heard some bikes have a lockable cover on the iginition, but cant seem to find any after market locks...
  8. I wonder if the 250 ignitions are identical on the 300, would be alot cheaper than $150.
  9. I would invest in a big fat bike lock and attach it to something very solid, If this is at your home I would also invest in installing a floor shackle to connect it too. I wouldn't bother with disc locks or clamps, As it's very easy for 3 guys and a ute or trailer to snatch the bike.

    The question is: was this at home or work?

    Something like: http://www.mcas.com.au/dump/kryptonite-evolution-series-4
  10. Home. Its been over a week Police came by today to pick up the footage but Building manager was not there... so now I have to wait until Friday for the Officer to return from leave. Frustrating home Police have no interest in getting involved.
  11. Why would they want to get involved? All the footage will show (if you can see anything at all) is probably a fuzzy image of some guy in a hoodie in the dark messing with your bike. They'll charge him with damage to private property and call it a day. Still won't help your bike.

    Did you buy those locks to fix it yet? Have you looked at the parts and seen if they're compatible? They certainly seem to be.

    - boingk