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Help! Newbie with VTR250 + Height Adjustment & 1st exper

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ceska, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Hi, i got my L's 3wks ago & on the wknd hubby & I both picked up new VTR250's from Peter Stevens Melb :grin:
    During sale I asked if the suspension could b lowered to suit my 5"2 height with short legs? I was told that I should let the bike settle for @ least 1000kms & it would come down, otherwise it could be too low :(
    (Currently I'm literally on tip toes on a flat surface).

    So against my instinct & better judgment I took her out for a practice ride yesterday as excitement took over. I live in Wattle Glen, NE VIC where the terrain is challenging for a newbie; dirt/gravel roads, hills & uneven everything's! I got her down my long, steep, gravel/rock driveway, crossed over our cattle barriers, through the muddy dip & across the road into our neighbours driveway. Phew all good!! Except I had to turn her around to continue :shock:
    I was on tip toes & the weight of the bike felt huge, inexperience started to kick in. I tried to accelerate forward to turn around but the weight of the bike just got too much & I came off :cry: then she dropped!!! (I wasn't collected & it was hell picking her up!!!) Outcome - bent clutch lever & crushed confidence :oops: :cry:

    What are other riders experience on first bikes with regards to height adjustments do's / don't s? Has anyone adjusted suspension / front forks? What costs are involved? What are the pro's / con's & best methodology when lowering a bike? Is it just easier to replace the suspension or seat to achieve the right height?
    Am I freaking out for no reason? Will my bike's suspension flatten out 2-3 inches & should hubby just ride her in?

    So confused and loosing confidence fast - help pls :?
  2. suspension will settle, but not that much.

    When I used to ride off road bikes, I get them lowered as much as possible, so I could touch (because I'm only 5'4 now) and I found, even over jumps and what not there was still plenty of room, adjustable suspension is designed so that short people can have it reduced and so that heaps fat people don't rub tires and guards, so unless you're like over 100kgs, i'd drop it enough so that you're comfortable.

    That's no good about the bike, just be glad that it was those minor things and not you eating tarmac and the bike being eaten up by a guard rail!!!

    Don't just let the hubby ride it in...You just it to have fun together right???...
  3. Thanks Dale, u've confirmed my thoughts & ur right, I'm not 100kgs so it won't make much difference after 1000kms... will definitely take up the topic again with PS tomm, we're conveniently in again picking up hubby's bike :wink:

    I'm so glad that the drop caused minimal damage to both bike & myself.
    Agreed that the reason we got bikes together is to ride together..... yet it seems there are allot of opinions out there & common sense prevails. Comfort & balance are important to me, both help with building confidence and skill (hopefully!!) :)