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Featured Help! newb needs help

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Lucid Mikey, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. Hey everyone,
    My partner went for her motorcycle license but due to personal reasons she couldnt complete her learners (her own choice after doing 95% of the course). Now she's going to retry but this time for her scooter license. Now need help on choosing a scooter.
    Being in canberra gives us a much smaller market, but she's going to need a scooter for her daily commute to work (30km round trip) most of this trip is 80kmh but has a 90kmh bit which is uphill on the way home. From what I can tell 200cc would be the minimum for these speeds.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I understand that this forum isn't too scooter focused but I'm having issue joining scootercommunity (waiting for membership approval?)
    Cheers, Mikey

  2. #Peony
  3. Lucid MikeyLucid Mikey - I ride an Aprilia SR 300 Max - it is an awesome ride - very good at highway speeds - have had no trouble doing 110 down the freeway (and perhaps a teeny tiny bit over that {maybe 142}). It is very responsive and smooth - accelerates quickly and brakes very efficiently. It would depend on how tall your partner is - I am 5' 7" and the seat height is 815mm and i can put my feet down pretty well. Dry weight is 161kg and wet weight would be about 175kg tops. Very fuel efficient - have done 400km on one tank and that included both city and country riding. Even going up hills/inclines is not too much of a problem - even from a stop. Please feel free to message me if you want any more specific info or have any questions. I did the first service myself (with able assistance of hubby) Lots of storage under the seat and it comes with a built in charger under the seat as well.

    I used to have an April Sport city 250cc and have found that it could struggle a fraction on the hills and pretty much maxed out at 130km - so I think that a 200cc might not give her enough at those commute speeds - I find that with the 300 I have something in reserve if I need to accelerate quickly for whatever reason.

    Here is the obligatory photo plus the link to the Aprilia website http://www.aprilia.com.au/srmax.html#

    the exhaust is not standard but does make it sound pretty good

  4. Thank you Peony!
    that's an awesome write up and a cool looking scooter, probably should have mentioned that our budget is a max of $5k and puts the Sr out of reach. I was looking at some 250ccs but would they struggle with the hills? Cfmoto jetmax has caught my eye, or if able am mp3 250/300. In Canberra rego is cheaper for under 250cc so that's part of the hunt haha.
  5. Hey Mikey,

    This is probably a bit late, but my wife and I have found the Suzuki AN250 Burgman (2006) we got a few months back has been perfect.

    It has good road presence (important for traffic), great carrying capacity under the seat (50 lt) which is fantastic for picking up groceries, and keeps with the traffic on the 5 km of 110 kmh freeway I sometimes ride, but it likes 80 -90 kmh better.

    It fits the low rego cost, at 248cc.

    There are some nice examples around at good prices. We paid just north of $3K from a dealer, including 12 months reg.

    Love the choice of riding positions, from sit up to relaxed.

    This has been my first scooter, and I'm loving it so much, I'm even thinking of moving over from bikes to scooters permanently - big change from Ducati.

    There are many fine scoots out there but word I've heard is it is best to avoid the Chinese ones- they are cheap for a reason.

    So, Mikey, what did you get in the end ?
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