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Help new bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Chrisco7689, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. hey guys, i am new hear be nice

    i am almost leagly availible to upgrade my bike licence to any cc. atm i ride a little 250cc virago i am about 6" and am quite overweight. i was just wondering wat would be a good bike for my next upgrade. i was thinking a race/touring type not to keen for crusiers no more.

    i was looking at the suz bandit 1100 or the gsxf 750 the honda vtr 1100 looks good, wont no till i ride one

    any way all help is good love to hear ur opions
    thanks chrisco
  2. All are good fun reliable bikes, if you are tallish and chunky you may prefer a more sit-up style than head-down-bum-up full race type, because the race style puts a lot of weight on your wrists. I've never met a bandit1200 owner who had one single complaint about it.
    VTR1000 are a lot of fun but a bit more sporty ride position and not very big in the fuel tank (lucky to get over 200km especially early models which had a smaller tank).
    GSXF750 are solid and reliable and will be good fun for cheap, but compared to the other two relatively unexciting. Compared to your virago, it'll feel like a superbike though.

    How much money you wanna spend?
  3. i am willing to spend around $12,000 as i have a good realible car already.

    so wat are ur sugestions?
  4. Forget the VTR and GSXF, the Bandit's good if you can find a good one, mental power. Look for an older one that's been piped and jetted, you can find them around $5-8k. Also consider the Hornet 900, they absolutely rock.

    (the minister for Hornet has spoken)
  5. get a turbo hayabusa
  6. Find yourself a nice ZX12R. Once you test ride one you will want it..

    Comfy bike to ride, easy to handle and insane power if you need it.

    Probably get yourself about an 04/05 model in your budget.

    If you can spend a little more then you know what i would suggest.. :wink:
  7. $12990 + orc will get you a brand new one of these
  8. Not to put too fine a point on it, as you are, by your own description, a tad overweight, you DO NOT WANT to be squashing the old corporation into a fuel tank for mile after mile on a proper sports bike. Buy a big naked, like the one pictured above, sling a small screen on it if it doesn't have one already, and go out and enjoy the experience of a huge carpet of torque, and power to scare some of the sportsbikes as well :LOL:.
  9. Where would you get one of them? And are they legal for road use??? :grin:
  10. dont u guys think its a big jump from a 250 virago to a 1100cc +??? i was looking at the busa but decided to get some more exp on a smaller more agile bike before i ride a fast bik that may end my life lol
  11. my husband went from a GPX 250 to a CBR1100XX Blackbird - but he did have the 250 for 3 1/2 years. He also test rode everything in between to work out what was best for him. Insurance quotes were a big factor in the final decision - the busa was way too expensive to insure so I said The Bird it is.

    It's great to get varied opinions here, but the best way to find the right bike is to ride it, or at least sit on it and make sure its your size!!

    Good Luck in your search
  12. Can o worms, try the search function for plenty of arguments err discussions over that ol' chestnut! :)
  13. sorry i dont follow lol
  14. have a look at this.

    Mate,for my two bobs worth.
    I am selling an xvs650, see the pic. I am 6' or 180cm in the new scale, I weigh 86kgs, my wife weighs about the 67 or 68kgs(yeah she thinks lighter lol) anyway so there you have around 150 kgs. I can tell if whether I am on my own or with the missus on, the 650 pulls away the very same, these babies have great torque.. If you dont wanna be a 'racer' and want to get somewhere in ab 'upright' and comfortable position, these are the bike for you. They are comfortable to sit in, you sit low, but you are cofortable. Have a look on bikepoint, mines on there, the suburb is listed here so have a peek whats on offer.
    cheers and good luck with your choice. you ride them for while so choose what suits your needs and practicality..
  15. have you looked at the kawasaki er6?
  16. yeah dont know if it would be comfortable for me, gonna wait a little bit and just test ride a heap see wat i like best
  17. My first upgrade (from a zzr250) was to a zx9r and i find it be a really good compromise between sporty and comfortable. It is a bit more sporty than the bikes you mentioned but if thats what you want then it is a great bike. I ride 50+ kms a day and it comfortable on longer trips

    It has pleny of power, maybe not the most sensable first non-250 bike but I had no problems getting used to it. On your budget I would recommend a 2002/03 model and you should money left over for insurance or in the bank to pay for mishaps. Happy bike hunting
  18. have a look at the new gsx650f, very good bike just ask me I own 1 :grin: