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Help needed!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by cintamami, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. hi all,

    going for my l this weekend and already hunting for bike since last week..... hehe and lookjng to buy 1 real fast.

    i have got a few candidates:
    1. cbr250rr 1997 (aust delivered) however it is not tricolor, how else do i find out that its aust delivered? VIN? $5,250 12 mths rego, rwc and still ONO. 22k kms.

    2. 1997 Accross (from a dealer), open $3,500 10 mths rego, 24k kms, basically ride away with 3 mths warranty.

    3. ZXR 250 2003 (Aust delivered) 6k kms, $5,500. probably not too long rego. but it doesnt matter.

    i know people would suggest to get a POS, but if you look at the resale value of these bikes, i probably ended up saving more than a POS. all my mates r suggesting to go straight 600, thx god i still love myself. haha

    any helps appreciated.
  2. Hi Cintamami,

    You can tell if its an Aus delivered by checking the compliance plate on the frame (right hand side) near the 'bars. It should have Honda MPE embossed on the plate, if not it will say the name of the importer, indicating it is a grey import.
  3. thx mate.
  4. Go the Across. Great little bikes. Use the money saved to buy good gear. Doesn't matter if you bin it at that price. If you don't bin it, get your money back (maybe, with LAMS coming in to Victoria). [Complete your profile, so we know where you are!] Warranty.

    Just my opinion, if those are your prefered choices.
  5. done !

    was gonna wait for LAMS but its taking too long.
  6. I'd go the Accross, save a heap of cash, you will still have a bucketload of fun on your L's.
  7. Go ride them, i find the cbr250rr uncomfy, but the cbr250r to be awesome, i also cant stand the riding position on the across, and i cant even get my feet onto both pegs on the zxr250.