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Help needed

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Fordman, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. 12 months ago I had an accident and my bike was a write off. It was a 2007 XVS650. I had K-Drive lock on saddle bags, they were undamaged and in the very near future I hope to get a Yamaha Stryker and I want to use the same saddle bags on it, as they are in my garage. I have been looking everywhere for shops that sell them, but no one in my area, Wollongong, has them or even heard of the brand. The shop I originally got the bike and bags from has since changed hands and is only selling 2nd hand bikes and not as well run as before. I've even searched Google but haven't been getting any luck. Can anyone give me some help, if I remember correctly they set me back $600 in 2007 and don't really want to fork out that kind of money if there's no need for it

  2. So what do you need- a mount or rack of the same brand?
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  3. Hoping to find the same branded mounting bracket, went back to the place where I got bike from originally from and asked the new owners, guy had never heard of them, he even looked online and couldn't find them listed anywhere. Said might need to get a bracket fabricated from scratch

    Found that site ages ago, sent email to them for quote on costs. Email bounced back to me
  4. try other brands, they will probably fit, maybe a minor adjustment will be required. if not, ebay them and buy something different.

    do you have a bike at present? your profile would suggest otherwise.

    good luck.
  5. in between bikes ATM, getting serious withdrawals, been just over 12 months, sick of waiting for public transport to and from work, I do a 200km round trip to work daily, put just under 70,000kms on my last bike in 7 years and it still ran like a new bike, that's reason I like the cruisers and need decent sized bags to fit all stuff, ie wet weather gear, thermals, warmer gloves etc etc.
    I've looked at other brackets, but none have had the extra bracing across top for it to lock on, they are more for support. I've looked and 99% of bags are the throw over style, not the biggest fan of those
  6. Doing a web search it looks like they might have shut down a few years ago. Post GFC.
    Once you have a bike again then maybe look at modifying a set of mounts from the Vstar if there isn't a set for your specific type.
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  7. they've changed name. Now called Long Ride
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  8. a 100kay commute each day may take some of the fun out of riding and I would probably prefer the train if I had that far to work.

    I love cruisers also and I reckon whatever floats your boat is what is right for you.
  9. the ride isn't that bad, most of it is highway driving. Good in warmer weather, but bloody cold in winter