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help needed

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by shaumus, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. hi guys my suzuki bandit 600 wont turn over the battery is good the ignition lights are on and bright i have bypassed the clutch switch still nothing i jumped the start solenoid the engine turned over but still would not start any help would be appreiciated

    cheers Shaun

  2. I think the trouble may be located somewhere in you sentence punctuator.

    Other than that, from my guess at your description, I'd say you have a bad battery terminal connection, or a bad connection to the solenoid or starter motor. Remove them, clean them with a wire brush and do them up firmly.
  3. :rofl:

    +1 to ibast on the battery terminals though. Even though you jumped the solenoid it may not be turning fast enough to start.
    Also check Kill switch position, many people get caught by that.
  4. Although I've just realised I've failed by leaving the r of the your.

    btw, welcome Shaun.
  5. But we give extra points for correct use of apostrophe.
  6. How old is the battery ? They can run the lights and stuff quite well but still not have the heart to turn the engine over.
    Go through the basic check list.
    1. Kill switch
    2. neutral
    3. I was going to say the clutch in. But check your bypass.
    4. Battery. Use by date, water, amps so forth.
    5. Leads
    6. Side stand cut out switch
    7. Insurance policy
    8. Bic lighter works and there's enough petrol in the tank :)
  7. inb4 he's bitched at for not introducing himself
  8. HI guys sorry I didn't introduce myself. My name is Shaun I live in Co Durham England.
    ibast I apollogise for my lack of punctuation.

    Anyway bike is sorted turned out to be side stand relay. Cheers for the suggestions

  9. county dur :) Still have no speed cameras?
  10. Just taking the piss. I'm not normally too fussed about spelling and punctuation, but I find it makes a big difference in the Technical and troubleshooting forum.

    Anyway welcome and good to see you have it sorted.