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Help needed with finding a shipping company

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Maximus, May 12, 2008.

  1. hey guys, how are you.
    so i've been to moscow now for over 6 months.
    just got the bad news of not coming back to oz for at least few years.
    i came here with only a suitcase of stuff leaving virtually all of my stuff behind.
    now i need around 4-5 boxes(big ones) to be shipped off from melbourne to moscow. probably via a boat.cause it's cheaper.
    i'm struggling to find a company that would do it for me.and being in moscow i can't just pick up a phone and have a chat to one of them.
    so i thought some of you guys might know a decent gang or had any experience of sending a substancial amount of stuff overseas.
    please share. any help is appreciated.
    there are no dangerous goods. just all of my motorcycling gear and personal clothing. that's really it.

  2. What the hell mate! :shock: you haven't been sent to a Gulag have you!?
  3. A bit out of date I know, but when MrsB and I came to Australia we used Allied Pickfords (who operate from Oz as well as far as I know).

    We got them to do the packing too and took up their insurance.

    Result was extremely professional packing, prompt delivery and no breakages, in spite of much of our stuff being MrsB's fragile ceramic sculptures, large glazed picture frames etc.

    Cost, from the UK, was comparable to everyone else that we inquired with.

    Admittedly, their guys did groan a bit when they saw that what wasn't extremely breakable was largely made up of 2 cubic metres of books, but they still got on with it and did a decent job.
  4. hey guys,
    thanks for the heads up. i'll definitely be following those links up.
    unfortunately i am not shipping my motocycle with me. sad to say but i have to part with her. but she is now in good hands. i gave her as a present to a mate of mine. that's the least i could do to say thank you to him for being out there for me when s***t really hit the fan in my life.
    i'm not being sent to gulag. it's somewhat where i'm coming from. my brother and dad are citizens here. and have always been.
    alright now i'm going into too much of a background story you might not be interested in.

    checking out those links...

    P.S. Have already popped an email to Allied guys.
  5. Just one further tip, which I didn't make clear in my previous post. Comparing the experiences of myself and others, for anything remotely fragile or valuable it's worth getting the shipping company to do the packing. That way they are liable for any breakages and can't use the excuse "it wasn't packed adequately" to get out of paying (which they will if they can). Because any fcuk ups will then cost them, they do a proper job.

    Our gear was packed in a manner that suggested you could have driven a fully laden semi over it and it would have survived :grin: .

    Usual disclaimer of small sample size, may not be representative, contents may settle in transit etc.
  6. I've had a few cars sent here from Japan through Kiwi Carriers and I didn't have any hassles with them at all.