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Help needed to fit a leo vince slip on to an 07 r6? (exup)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by christian1441, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. As the topic title states guys i need help fitting the exhaust to the bike,this is the first one ive ever had to fit and i dont know what to remove re the exup valve if anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated!

    cheers christian

  2. Knowing where it is would help. If you're in brissy buy the beer and I'll happily help.
  3. You need to take the valve and exhaust pipe off, and disconnect the push-pull cables that operate the valve.

    Then disconnect the other end of the cables off the electric motor, but leave the motor on the bike and plugged into the computer wiring.
  4. thanks for the replies.This is where im at now. I've disconnected the valves and taken the exhaust pipe off,ive fitted the new slip on but i still haven't tidied up the push pull cables and there still hanging. I want to tidy up these and get them out of the way,however i still want to be able to be able to re-fit the push pull cables in case i choose to refit the old muffler. :idea: :)
  5. I've always done as Hotcam suggests. On the exup servo is usually a plastic cover where the cables enter. Take it off and the cables come out just like your clutch cables do. Put the cover back on, bolt the servo back on the frame and forget about it.
    You need to leave the servo connected to avoid annoying error codes from the bikes diagnostics. If your really keen you can get dummy servos, but for the few grams saved it a bit expensive.
  6. thanks,but i think ive decided against playing with it all and i might just put the original exhaust back on and sell the leo vince slip on back on ebay.
  7. WHAT, its not that hard dude dont sell (unless its to me), may be a better to check out www.yzfr600.com or www.r6.com or simular sites as they will have all the info you need.
  8. yeah i know,i had fitted the pipe on,but just hadn't disconnected the push-pull cables from the motor. I figure at the moment ill just keep riding for a while until i get a weekend off or longer than an hour so i can properly fit the pipe.