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Help needed: Switch/Blinker issues

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Choofalong, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. Well, when I first got her, everything worked fine; for a while: within a couple hours, my Blinker was on the fritz!

    I wasn't confident about getting in and looking myself at the time, so folded and went into a shop to get it fixed up... so I could just get back on and ride! It cost me $100, and was told it wouldn't last a year..... BUT:

    2 weeks on, and my Right hand Blinkers gone AGAIN! It's the SAME issue (same lead-up indicators/signs that it was coming) as before, and I'm at the point where I'd rather give it a shot myself, but then I thought: SURELY I should have some right to expect a little more then TWO WEEKS worth of ... workability for a $100 job!?!

    So my question is: Do I just try and fix it myself (read beg for someone who close to Newcastle who could show me how/what is the problem) or ring the shop, and see what happens?
  2. Can't hurt to ask the shop. What did they say the problem was?
  3. Hmm: when I picked it up: they said they "Enlarged and cleaned up" the Contacts inside the Switch.

    I've not opened it up to have a look myself yet, so I am not really sure how it looks.
  4. Sounds like they've just sprayed it with contact cleaner, soldered the worn areas, had a smoke break, then charged you for the privilege. It could be just as economical to fit a new switch from a wrecker for that price.

    You could also try spraying some WD-40 in past the switch. Just on the off chance that it's a fresh bit of crud in there. Not promising results... but sometimes it's all it takes.

    Really though... just give the shop a call and have a friendly word with them. Can't hurt to ask. ;)
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  5. I tried the WD-40... worked like a charm! :woot:

    Thank you SO much! was starting to freak out... a little... I am not good with pesky Humans >.<
  6. I think you are being a bit hard on the mechanic Choofalong, they got it going and warned you it wasn't going to last, well it didn't last. You have to take this as a warning that the switch is on its way out and trying to source a replacement one.

    In order for a switch to continue to work properly it has to have what is know as Contact Wipe, this is where the two electrical parts wipe across one another as it closes. This is designed into most switches and means they don't get build up from the little arc of electricity that occurs each time you open them. When switches get old the spring in the contacts starts to fail and they don't self wipe any more. The WD40 cleans it up temporarily but this is a problem that won't go away. You need to source a replacement switch. :)
  7. +1 to that. It's just a stopgap measure. Glad to hear it's working though. Cheers. ;)
  8. Thanks again guys: will definatly be on the lookout for a replacement Switch then! I've done a bit of soldering for my old PS3 controllers and stuff, so I might use this as my first real project for me...

    thanks again!
  9. Coincidentally, I have had some issues with my headlight this week. Inside the starter button are two contacts. One starts the bike, the other turns the headlight off while the button is depressed. (Took me ages to figure out that this is what had killed the light.) Anyway... I figured I'd take some crappy pics and post them up, just in case your indicator plays up again. Different switch, but same principle.

    You will need: Screwdriver, rag, brakecleen (because I've run out of contact cleaner... use contact cleaner... not brakecleen ;)), water (because I've got a man cold and keep getting thirsty hah), and today I used Inox to protect and lubricate the contacts because it seemed as good as any, and better than WD40.

    Unscrew the control holder majiggy on the handlebar.

    This is the top of the switch (bottom of the shot with the wires on it). I removed the metal plate to gain access.

    Gently prise the top off the switch to open it up (most indicator switches have a screw holding the switch lever itself... when you undo this be careful that the spring and ball bearing don't shoot out). Clean the contacts gently with some fine emery paper and contact cleaner. You're not trying to grind them into oblivion, just cut them back enough to make them shiny. Spray some sort of lubricant/protectant on them to prevent future corrosion.

    Now do everything backwards to put it back together. Hopefully when you're done it will look like this again.