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Help Needed, Round the world trip!!!!!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Local Lad, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Hi folks,HELP needed for ride along round the world trip!!!!!

    Hi im James, Im hoping you could help me and a friend out a little!!!

    We are trying to encourage people to follow our ten month round-the-world motorcycle adventure on our Facebook page "The Not So Local Lads".

    If we manage to gain enough support and people willing to ride with us, we will be setting off in August 2012 From Manchester The List of countries we will be riding through on our adventure:

    Starting in Manchester UK then riding through, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungry, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, USA, Ireland and the "Isle of Man TT"

    Time and weather permitting we may also pass through Canada and a small part of Africa!!

    We are trying to make this go down in history. We would like to ask for your help to gain the largest possible following this type of event has ever seen.

    This is something that can be achieved with your help – if you could spread the word of our event to your friends and encourage them to add themselves to our facebook page and follow our blog or maybe they would even like to ride with us for a a short time. We would like as many bikers as possible to follow us throughout our ride, and hopefully give us a chance meet up with a few fellow biker's, groups and clubs along the way.

    We are not asking for any money or anything of the sort, just your time and a little encouragement for what we are about to do, We need your help to make up the numbers and to make this event the one that everyone talks about for years to come.

    We thank you so very much for your help and time and hope to see you on when we are riding through, your fellow biker James "The Not So Local Lads".
  2. Why don't you hang around a bit on the bike forums and build some online friendships before spamming? :-s
  3. So let me get this straight.. you won't go unless you have a "following"..


    or are you actually going? if you are just enjoy it.. take pictures,blog,make a trip report etc.. you aren't going to be the next ewan and charlie.. their adventures will always be amazing.
  4. No we are doing the trip anyway, but would like to give people the opportunity to join us for part of the trip, its not forced and if you dont want to then thats cool. its just a chance for people to take part in something a little different. Thanks for your comments :)
  5. :) Your right Ewan and Charlie did take an amazing trip but their trip was about them ours is about the biker community "and you if you choose to be involved", infact we decided to take on a trip like this ourselves after "the long way round", we loved the program infact I have all the ones they did, But we wanted to see a trip that was more about bikes and bikers than two stars. We are just your average guys doing something a little different that not every guy gets to do and we want to share it.....thanks again :) and happy riding :)
  6. Thanks for your comments, we would love to do that but we are just two guys, we dont have a team of people backing us up so you can understand the task ahead of us. it has taken months for us to get this far :) but now we are almost ready to leave. to be honest the response we have had has been pretty great and we now have friend's in Romania, America, Europe and Asia and hopefully soon Australia :) thanks again for your time "The Not So Local Lads"

    PS we didnt mean to spam "not that we would consider two posts as spam?" its just that on every other forum we have always used the "General" forum we didnt see that you had one already set up for this kind of thing. Our compliments on your site.
  7. You guys really have nothing encouraging to say?? well that is a bitter disappointment, Australia was one of the places we was looking forward to riding through the most......
  8. So between 10pm and 1am at night you expect a bevy of responses?

    I think the ride sounds interesting and fun.

    Where in AUS are you riding? It is a big country.
  9. Thanks RED ZX, I was begining to get worried and thought we may be crossing Aus alone :( we are crossing from Darwin across to queensland then down the coast to wollongong, then bact to Sydney......we should be posting some Maps of our route on our fb page over the weekend so people can decide if they can join us, we have plugged in another 8000 miles just incase we decide to take a little course change :) if you have facebook look for our page its "The Not So Local Lads" thanks for your kind words.
  10. Hey local lad, welcome to Netrider.

    Your first post came in at a bit before 10:00pm on the Thursday night before Good Friday, a time and time-of-week when a good few Netriders are probably already well away under the influence of some liquid refreshment and perhaps even more. As with any forum, take all posts after about that time with a grain of salt for that reason :LOL:. Don't let the grumpies deter you.

    I'm not a Facebook person, but I'm in Wollongong and if you make it to here I'd love to meet you and ride with you a bit :).
  11. Hi TNSLL tell us a bit more mate, what type of bikes, etc, and more importantly for me, are you United or City fans, this will make a big differences in how your treated if/when we meet, most of my in laws hail from Salford and Eccles, but I normally keep that quiet... good luck and don't judge us all by the tone of a few...
  12. Thanks again for your comments and words of encouragement, it would be our honor to ride with you, after all that's exactly what the trip is about. we hope to document the complete trip via bike cam, helmet cam and hand held, sort of a reality type of thing if you like about bikers, bike groups and the roads they like the most, maybe encourage people to go and sample some of the best roads and meet some incredible people. I think people keep getting a little mixed up as to our intentions, most think we are trying to duplicate long way round and long way down....but that really not the case, to be honest I have seen pretty much every bike adventure going but I see the same trend in them all.......they are all about the people doing the trip..... I for one would love to see something with more bike footage and more talk about bikes and the riders than the actual people taking the trip, granted we are riding bikes around the world but this isn't about us its about people like us, who love to ride, how love to meet people and who want to take a little adventure. we are just your average guys that you see and let on to as you pass them on your bike.....and all we are doing is showing people the community between the bikers all over the world. Thanks again for your time and like I said it would be our honor to ride with you. Your new friends "The Not So Local Lads"
  13. Hi nobby...I'm not really a footy fan and haven't been since i was young I have always been crazy about bikes.....but most of my family are reds with a small part blue....when I was younger I was a red lol sorry if that's offensive hahaha but that's just the way :). we are not sure about the bikes just yet I wanted to do it on my VTR1000f (love my V-Twins) but not sure the old girl will make it :( not to mention the fact that when riding with a bit of a limp wrist she just about gets 98 to a full tank...but she gives a really fun 48 to a tank when you give it a fist full :).... Having said that Ill ride pretty much anything with two wheels and an engine, Anyway we may have to get something that's a little better on fuel :( we will let you know when we decided. We could decide on sports, adventure/enduro or maybe even a cruiser??? to be honest im not sure which would be the most fun........ If there is anything else you would like to know just ask bro :)

    PS: I used to live in Salford but I was born and raised in Clayton the other side of town.... and currently reside in Wythenshawe... One of the biggest council estates in europe :) So no need to watch ya P's and Q's :) we just your common folk hahahaha :)
  14. Hey Local Lad, could I ask one thing, PLEASE?

    Could you please break your posts up into paragraphs to make them easier to read????
  15. yes sorry lol
  16. I start off with small answers but it turns into a book hahahaha on the bright side im easy to talk to lol
  17. Hey I've had a good few nights in Manchester. If you make it to Sydney, I'll buy you a couple of beers. Good luck with the adventure :)

    I'd forget the storm though, that's way too many fuel stops. Trade her for a GS650 or something and get an enduro tank fitted.
  18. OK, so it's taken months and you're almost ready to leave on an around the world motorcycle adventure.
    As soon as you get some motorcycles...

    Do you have any gear?
    Or anything apart from a nice Google Maps route and a license?

    You've got a license, right?
  19.  Top
  20. hahaha working on the licence.....just kidding...but hey the camera man did it in LWR ;)
    yes got camping stuff cookers, pretty much all the other stuff we will need to survive, if I have to I can alway throw my mate to the bears lol.....

    you know you would be supprised what people tell you to take along, one guy said and electric fence for the bears in Russia?? So we had to draw the line somewhere, to be honest we will be traveling as light as possible for odvious reason.

    we got almost three months before we set off we're not setting off until August so for now we are doing all we can to get bikers from all over to take part as we ride.

    by the way we will be heading through sydney twice.....first to get to wollongong then back up to cross to NZ.