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Help needed - Reversing the J-slam on a xvs650

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by JakeG, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm hoping someone can help me.

    I have a vstar 650 custom which has a lowering mod called the j-slam done by previous owner. It's basically drilling a hole in the frame to relocate the center suspension fork back about an inch, which lowers the back wheel. See http://www.stargis.net/webslinger/Docs/slam.pdf if you are not familiar.

    Reversing it seems simple, jacking the back wheel, ratcheting the rear fender to compress the suspension, removing the bolt from the mod location, releasing the ratchet and putting bolt in oem location. Sounds simple right? Well the issue is I don't have ratchet straps and am not confident it will all go as it should..

    I was hoping that someone in the western suburbs of Melbourne with some mechanical know how, who has ratchet straps could give me a hand with doing this? I would obviously come to you and would be happy to buy you a slab or bottle of scotch etc for your time? I've been told it should only take 20 mins or so.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers in advance.


  2. Hi Jake
    I can give you a hand if you like, I've got a ratchet and any tool's we need.
    I jslamed mine a while back so should be no problem's. I work in Maribyrnong we could do it there.
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  3. Put bike on blocks, remove shock, change pivot point, put shock back on.

    No need for any rachet straps, & doing it that way sound like a recipes for losing an eye.
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  4. Lukey, cheers mate. That would be greatly appreciated. Will shoot through pm.

    Mc cheers also, will see if there's a better way as suggested.
  5. Agreed, can't see any reason for ratchet straps. Just be prepared for the rear wheel to drop once the shock bolt is removed (have someone take up the weight of the wheel as you remove the bolt or put a block under it)
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  6. Wouldn't you initially need the ratchet strap to take tension off the bolt so you can get it out?
  7. No, once you get the bike off the ground, the rear swingarm is free to move (or would be if the shock wasn't there).

    You need to lift the bike from under the engine for this to work, not from the rear wheel.
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  8. See this is why I needed help. Seems so easy but I can see myself giving it a crack, the having to get it towed to a mechanic :)
  9. Big thanks to Lukey for giving me a hand and reversing the slam for me. I am pleased to say the bike feels like it has a load more clearance and therefor no scraping!

    Cheers mate! Much appreciated.
  10. Hi there i was going to lower my vstar 650 classic ,i have the lowering block wot r the steps i need to take to do this tools needed .